Hidden Cameras - Personal Space Air Purifier w/ 2,000ft. SECURE Encoder & Decoder
You wouldn't let your kids get into a car with a stranger. Why would you let your private video signals be intercepted by someone you don't know?
The concept is simple. Plug your air cleaner camera into the electrical outlet, attach the decoder (receiver) to your VCR, press record, walk away. Why should you spend hours or even days trying to figure out what wire goes where and how to hide them? The simplicity and security of this system is incredible.

  • Fully Functioning Personal Space Air Cleaner - Breathe easier!
  • Built-In Hidden Camera - Nobody will know your secret
  • Built-In Wireless Video Transmitter - No extra wires!
  • 1 Channel Capability - More channels coming soon.
  • 2000 Foot Transmitting Distance - Works great in homes.
  • NO License Required - You're legal.
  • Wide Angle Pinhole Lens - Capture a huge area.
  • Infinite Fixed Focus - No guessing setup
  • 5 Minute Quick Setup - Perfect for the novice user
  • Lifetime Technical Support - We're here to help. Always...
  • 2 Year Warranty - It breaks... we fix it... For free.
  • Cannot be intercepted outside your main electrical meter - Super Secure
  • Will not interfere with X10 or cordless phone signals
  • Has no effect on your electrical system

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