High Resolution Microvideo Color Camera

Our new PC169XS combines high performance, excellent quality and tiny size in a microvideo security camera thats perfect for thousands of applications. With a razor sharp 460 lines, the PC169XS is higher resolution than High8 or Super VHS. In a 1.5” square package, it is an incredible value. The stepless automatic electronic shutter handles very dim room light (low light rating is a very stealthy 1.0 lux) or bright outdoor applications with ease. Operates on 12 volts DC, 110 milliamps. Standard NTSC video output is compatible with VCRs, monitors and Supercircuits transmitters. Available with multi-element 70 degree field of view micro lens. Plug and play video and power cables are also standard. The PC169XS is an unbeatable value...its the best combination of low price, high performance, user-friendly features and tiny size weve ever offered.

Comes with easy connection instructions, pre-installed plug and play video and power cables, 1 year warranty and a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

High performance Sharp chipset

  • Amazing 460 lines of resolution
  • 1.0 low lux rating
  • 70 degree field of view
  • 12 Volts DC @ 110 mA
  • 1 year warranty/30 day MBG

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