High-Speed Domes incorporate 1/4 in. CCD color cameras

High-Speed Domes incorporate 1/4 in. CCD color cameras.

March 14, 2002 09:31 - Compact 5-inch domes, with DSP circuitry, deliver high-resolution 470TVL images. Variable scan speed models provide 360 deg continuous pan rotation at travel speeds from 0.1 to 375 deg/sec with 180 deg auto turnaround. ESD-300DR Day/Night dome features Digital Slow shutter and removable IR cut filters. 23x optical zoom has 10x programmable, digital zoom. ESD-300S has 22x optical zoom, zoom speeds from 3.9 to 6.3 seconds, and 8x programmable, digital zoom.

2 High-Speed, Large-System Color Domes Announced By Elmo

PLAINVIEW, NY, MARCH 4, 2002 - Two new high-speed, large-system domes and a new, versatile controller have been added to the ELMO security camera line. The rugged, compact 5-inch domes incorporate 1/4" high CCD color cameras with DSP circuitry and deliver high-resolution (470TVL) images with excellent color accuracy. S/N is 50dB.

Both variable scan speed models have a high acceleration rate and smooth steady motion providing 360 continuous pan rotation at a travel speed from 0.1 to 375/second with 180 auto turnaround. They have instant focus on pan. Tilt travel is from 0 to 90. 128 programmable pre-sets pinpoint location of the target areas. Pan and tilt speed continually decrease in proportion to the depth of the zoom. They offer remote vertical sync adjustment, screen freeze and reverse image capability.

The ELMO ESD-300DR, Day/Night dome, features wide dynamic range and high sensitivity. It captures almost every detail under the most difficult lighting conditions from brilliant, glaring sunshine to the darkness. The Digital Slow shutter and removable IR cut filters enhance the capture capability to achieve brighter images even on a dark night. Minimum illumination is 0.01 lux (IR cut filter off); 0 lux (IR illuminator). It has a 23x optical zoom (3.6 to 82.8mm) with 10x programmable digital zoom, 2.9 to 5.8 mm soft for detailed close-ups and to monitor scenes from any angle.

The ESD-300S features a 22x high quality optical zoom (4 to 88mm). Zoom speed is 3.9 to 6.3 seconds. With 8x programmable digital zoom, it delivers 176x zoom.

Common features that enhance image quality include: auto/manual focus; auto iris control, automatic light balance, back light compensation and on-screen display. Privacy zone-masking provides two positions, continuous or soft, to output blank video. Four alarm inputs programmable for either high or low priority are available. The domes are compatible with PELCO D and P protocol.

An RS-485 controller interface works with the new ELMO ESD-CCI controller and other popular domes. The ESD-CCI can control up to 255 devices.

There is a selection of ESD-HO housings for indoor and outdoor installation. The indoor housings have a built-in fan and the outdoor housings are environmentally sealed and weatherized with a built-in 24VAC heater. The domes operate on 24VAC or 12VDC.

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