Home Automation to Become Mainstream?
Over the years I've seen many points at which Home Automation was reportedly finally breaking into the mainstream. HA has two main markets. The “millionaire” and the “hobbyist”. The middle ground (and undoubtedly the biggest market) is still to join the party. Several articles have appeared recently that once again herald the imminent arrival of HA to the mass market….

“Home automation, or the linking of devices that support entertainment and media as well as appliances, is poised for the upswing, ready to break out of the limited early adopter market and start infiltrating the upper middle class, say market watchers. That's because industry groups-namely the Zigbee Alliance (see ZigBee Buzz) and the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI)-are pushing to develop standards that will enable disparate devices to talk to each other, says Erik Michielsen, principal analyst at ABI Research"...

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