Home Guard Inc. Responds to Orange Alert with an Affordable Home Safe Room Kit
CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- A Charlotte N.C. based company has developed an affordable home safe room kit for a family's defense during a chemical release or terrorist attack. The barrier material is made of an engineered film that has been designed for permeation resistance against chemical agents and tested to Military Standard 282. The same material is used in safe rooms / shelter in place in Israel and for home in close proximity to chemical plants.

The Home Guard Barrier Sheeting Kit(TM) includes 150 square feet of Barrier Sheeting, tape, safety cutter and instructions. The cost of the kits are under $40 and are available on the Home Guard Inc. website at www.homeguardinc.com .

Home Guard's Barrier Sheeting(TM) was tested and passed the United States Military Standard 282 protocol for protection against chemical agents. The testing, which ended after 6 hours indicated no penetration of the deadly agents. These results are more than 60 times better then those of the generic plastic sheeting that is typically sold in the United States in hardware stores. The testing was completed by Geomet Technologies, a United States certified laboratory based in Germantown, Maryland.

The company was founded after Tom Ridge, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, recommended that Americans purchase duck tape and plastic sheeting for protection against terrorist activity. According to Home Guard President, Bob Confoy, "The plastic currently purchased in a hardware store is not effective as a barrier to many chemical agents!" Home Guard Barrier Sheeting(TM) is a specially engineered multi-layer polymer film designed for protection from deadly chemical agents. Home Guard's mission is to make available easy-to-use, proven and affordable home defense products packaged and designed with the family in mind.

The Chairman of the Charlotte Homeland Security counsel, Rick Cantwell, added, "As Americans learn that the threat of an attack is real, they will depend on companies like Home Guard that have done their homework and provided a proven product to protect their loved ones. The Department of Homeland Defense is in the process of establishing a certification process that will ensure that other products needed for our safety will be certified in a process similar to what Home Guard's product has already been through."

The product is available through the internet at www.homeguardinc.com or by calling 704-896-0735 and will be available soon, at retail outlets nationally. The price for the Home Guard Barrier Sheeting Kit(TM) is under $40.00.

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