Home Security System under $300.00!
Affordable, easy to install, trouble free operation

Why do you need a home security system?

Ask yourself if you can afford not to protect your property or your family. What would is cost if something happened and you didn't have protection? This all new, 10 zone home security system is a powerful asset to any home or office.

Complete Starter Kit

This home security system contains the following:

  • Wireless Control Panel w/LCD - The "brains" of the kit.
  • PIR Motion Sensor - Detects movement in any room of your home or office
  • Magnetic door/window sensor - Alerts the system when a door or window opens
  • Remote Key Chain - Lets you arm / disarm the system and also acts as a "Panic" button
  • Power adapter - provides power to the control panel
  • Telephone Cable - used to connect the control panel to your telephone line
  • Battery and fixing kits -
  • Instruction manual

How it works:

When you receive your new do-it-yourself system you should have already selected a place where you want to place the control panel. The control panel is the "brains" or central control unit of the entire system. It needs to be plugged into an A/C outlet and a telephone jack, so pick a place that meets these requirements.

The system comes with 2 sensors to get you started. You will most definitely want to add additional sensors to protect all areas of your home or office. The first sensor is a door / window sensor. Simply attach the sensor to any door or window with double stick tape. When the door or window opens, the sensor will send a wireless signal to the control unit and activate the alarm.

The second sensor is a PIR or passive infrared sensor. It is designed to be placed in any room in your home or office and will detect motion. If a person walks into the room the sensor will send a signal to the control unit and activate the alarm.

It will call you!

One of the best features of this system besides it's price is the telephone dialer feature. Simply program you cell phone or any other designated phone number into the system and it will alert you when there is an intruder or fire.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Backlit Display - lets you check the system status in the dark
  • Backup Rechargeable Battery - up to 8 hours of Standby time in the event of a power failure or some sneaky burglar turns off your power.
  • 433MHz Radio System - wireless sensors use the uncluttered 433MHz radio system so you don't have to worry about your neighbors cordless phone setting off the alarm when they dial "those numbers" in the wee hours of the night.
  • 210Ft. Receiver Range - twice the range of most wireless system. Place sensors up to 210ft away from the control unit.
  • Internal Siren - 95 screaming decibels of pure bad guy scaring noise!
  • Event Log - logs the last 50 events so you can see exactly what happened when you were away.
  • Dialer Message - Main 12 Second Message, 4 Second Intruder Message, 4 Second Fire Message, 4 Second Panic Message.

Questions: If you have any questions about this product please give us a call at 877-779-2261, toll free. Or 281-829-5577 outside the toll calling area.

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