HomeHub: A New Home Security and Control Solution

"HomeHub, a new and innovative software solution for home security and automation is looking for Beta trial users. HomeHub puts you at the centre of your home. You can control your lighting, appliances, security cameras and entertainment systems through a range of devices whether you're at home or anywhere else in the world. It is designed to allow users of all levels to create and control an automated home based around existing standards and technologies using devices that are available today. You control your whole house through one easy to use browser based interface from any computer on your home network or from other networked devices such as wireless PDA’s and from the TV using a suitable adaptor. HomeHub provides you with the ability to access your home remotely via the internet using our secure online servers. Once logged in you can monitor and control what’s going on in your house. You can also be alerted via email or SMS to motion detection or many other types of event happening in your house while you are away. You can create and maintain events that can be anything from simply turning a light on or off at the correct time to recording video from cameras and sending emails. All of which are setup through a simple to use browser based interface...

HomeHub can make use of devices and equipment you already own allowing you to continually add to and improve your digital home one step at a time. HomeHub uses existing technologies such as Ethernet, USB, X10, 1-Wire and UPnP, allowing you to create your own customized digital home. The types of device supported by HomeHub are continually growing but currently for the Beta trial we are providing support for all X10 devices, Axis and D-Link network cameras, web cams, Slimp3 players, Hauppauge MediaMVP TV Adapter and some 1-Wire devices. All you need to get started on the trial is a PC, a broadband connection, preferably a wireless router and at least one or more of the devices mentioned

We are more than happy to offer advice and help you work out what you need for your particular application. We are offering a limited number of free Beta trial licenses to UK residents that meet our minimum requirements.

For more information check out our site at and if you are interested in joining the beta trial then send us an email to beta@homehub.co.uk.

If don’t want to take part in the beta trial but think you might be interested in HomeHub in the future then send an email to info@homehub.co.uk and we’ll sign you up to our monthly newsletter.

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