How the Home Video Security Camera Works
Home Video Security Camera Live View

Watch over any area - indoors or out!
Broadcast up to 100', through walls and floors.

Our Home Video Security Camera system has many uses, including home surveillance. You'll use it - really use it - everyday! Use it to see who's knocking at the front door without having to get up and look. All you do is change the channel on your TV! Monitor the children at play in another room or in the backyard. Investigate the noise on the patio. You can even watch over your car in the driveway or garage. A Home Video Security camera gives you peace of mind by showing you exactly what's going on at any time. What's more important than that?

Wireless Home Video Security camera fits anywhere!
What Will You Keep Your Eye On?

  • Home Video Security camera for the front door - who's knocking?

  • Home Video Security camera for baby's nursery - is your babysitter taking care of her?

  • Home Video Security camera for the backyard - is someone prowling around?

  • Home Video Security camera for the driveway - who's checking out your car?

Satisfaction guaranteed! With our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee you simply can't go wrong.

What Wireless Really Means and Why It's Easy to Use!
The XCam2 Home Video Security Camera is wireless, which means no wires are needed to transport the image from the camera to the receiver. However, the camera still needs a power source. Included in the XCam2 Home Video Security Camera Kit is a standard AC power supply, which plugs into the camera. XCam2 battery packs are also available for purchase, for times when an electrical outlet is not nearby. (order at left)

Wireless transmission means it easy to set up your XCam2! You'll never have to cut holes in your walls or run wires from one room to another. Set up your camera anywhere and plug the receiver into your TV or VCR. The signal even transmits through walls and floors! To see what your camera is seeing, just change your TV's channel.

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