How to beat a speeding ticket: Photoblocker Spray

How to beat a speeding ticket: Use PhotoBlocker Spray
Speeding tickets cost you money. Keep money in your pocket and buy this Photoblocker spray today.

This special spray blocks speed cameras flashes. Toll booths, speed cameras, radar camera, and red light cameras that use a flash can be beat. Beat a speeding ticket from speed cameras so you don't have to fight a speeding ticket in court.

Help prevent a costly speeding ticket with this invisible Photoblocker spray. Just like a can of spray paint but it helps block speed cameras from taking a picture of your license plate.

NEW AND IMPROVED, PATENT-PENDING! Reflects photo radar flash. Spray it and make your license plate invisible to cameras. Proven to beat photo radar and red light camera.

Independently tested by FOX NEWS and Denver Police Department. Click here to watch Test Result. Featured on CBS News.

FAST spray-on formula is easily applied in minutes! INVISIBLE to the naked eye, only you will know it is on your vehicle! EXCLUSIVE formula! Good for up to FOUR plates. BEST alternative for those areas where you can't use an anti-radar license plate cover! One application of PhotoBlocker is good for life. Will not wash off, will not fade, nor will it dissolve way.

How does "PHOTOBLOCKER" work?

Photo radar cameras often utilize a strong flash to photograph the license plate on your car as it speeds by. "PHOTO BLOCKER's" special formula works to reflect the flash back to the camera. Result is an overexposed and unreadable picture, often preventing a costly ticket. If you've ever wondered how to beat a speeding ticket then wonder no more.

Easy to use:

1. Remove plate. Place flat.
2. Spray PhotoBlocker evenly until surface is totally saturated. Let dry and repeat 2-3 times until plate is very glossy.
3. Let dry for about 2 hours. Should be good for life!

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