I-On Asia Biometrics Division C A Proud Sponsor of the 2005 Integrated Security Exhibition and Conference

I-On Asia announces Gold Sponsorship for the 2005 Integrated Security Exhibition and Conference to be held in HOng Kong on the 21st April 2005.

March 1, 2005 -- I-On Asia Biometrics Division, a Hong Kong and Macau based biometrics security service provider specializing in the Techsphere? Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System (VP-II?) is pleased to announce sponsorship of the 2005 Integrated Security Exhibition and Conference to be held at the Conrad Hong Kong on the 21st April 2005.

The Integrated Security Conference brings together 800 top management and information security professionals from across a range of industries in Asia Pacific. Together, they share knowledge and discuss practical strategies for harnessing the latest security technologies and solutions for their industries. The attendee profile includes CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, VPs, Directors of IT, Networks Managers, Information Technology Managers, Risk Managers, Auditors, and Information Security Professionals.

I-On Asia views this conference as an important forum in which to demonstrate the flexibility, application opportunities and advantages of the Techsphere? Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System, VPII?.

About VP-II.
The VP-II biometric system presents the ultimate in high security. Unlike conventional biometric systems which use external features to identify a person, VP-II uses an infra-red camera to measure the vascular patterns contained in the hand. Other biometric devices such as fingerprint and hand geometry leave a residue, which given the right knowledge and tools can be 'lifted' and used to make a fake match in which to circumvent the system.

VP-II also has a high "usability" rate (99.98%) which means the total general population which can use the system. Fingerprint technology has a usability rate of 95% given that some of the general population either has no usable fingerprint or whose prints have degraded due to manual labor. VP-II also has a False Acceptance Rate of 0.0001% and a False Rejection rate of 0.1% which puts it at the high end of the biometric market.

VP-II is very flexible and can be adapted to suit different application settings such as e-commerce, border protection, login verification and smart card incorporation.

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