IPP Consulting Risk Management and Technology Consultants - specialists in casino security, airport security, security systems and security cameras.

IPP Consulting are Risk management and technology consultants based in Australia specialising in project management, security cameras, change management, security management, security systems, relocation services, disaster recovery, video conferencing and biometrics. IPP Consulting also works in airport security and casino security.

September 14, 2004 --

With security being a major issue in today's world, IPP Consulting offers services in airport security, casino security, cctv security, security cameras and cctv surveillance.

IPP is an independent firm of specialist consultants that was established in 1986 to meet increasing demands for expertise in the fields of risk management and technology infrastructure deployment.

We are widely recognised as a leader in the development and implementation of security management strategies including the design and application of electronic security and communication systems. Today, our expertise has expanded to include a wide range of high risk information and technology environments.

Our approach includes the development of solutions based on review and analysis of desired organisational outcomes and operational risks. Our solutions emphasise the use of technology where beneficial, but we also address business strategies, operational management plans and procedures that are often overlooked in the broader picture.

All of the consulting services that we offer are provided under our ISO 9001 quality system.

We have offices in Melbourne and Sydney and operate throughout the Asia Pacific region.


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