IR Camera offers extended temperature measurement range

New Model and Product Enhancements to Award Winning IR Camera Family Added Without Price Increase

Minneapolis, MN, August 30, 2004 - Infrared Solutions, Inc. has announced the addition of the new IR FlexCam? Pro to its award winning family of IR FlexCam infrared cameras. Infrared Solutions, Inc. also announced multiple new features and enhancements to the IR FlexCam line at no additional cost to the customer. New enhancements include a higher temperature range, programmable image capture mode, improved thermal sensitivity, and additional image enhancement features.

The new IR FlexCam Pro features an extended temperature measurement range up to 600ˇăC for higher temperature applications, as well as programmable image capture to allow the user to preprogram the camera to take scans at timed intervals or by the target temperature reaching a preset high-or-low "trigger" temperature. Also added is an image enhancement package and improved thermal sensitivity (< 0.090ˇăC), for greater image clarity and temperature detection. "The IR FlexCam Pro is our premium product in the line, and now, with increased temperature range, programmable image capture, and lower thermal sensitivity, the IR FlexCam Pro, and family, provide even more value. Our IR FlexCam pricing is about half that of similarly featured competitive cameras "and with no hidden extra fees for software and service" said Sean O'Driscoll, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Infrared Solutions.

Both the IR FlexCam Pro and IR FlexCam T models feature the increased 600ˇăC temperature range and image enhancement capability. Programmable image capture is standard on the Pro model and optional on the T model.

The entry-level IR FlexCam S has also been upgraded to include center point temperature measurement capability with exceptional accuracy of plus or minus 2 degrees or 2%, the same as the IR FlexCam Pro and T models. Now, users will be able to see real-time target temperature displayed live on the camera's screen.

IR FlexCam upgrades for 600ˇăC capability, programmable image capture, and center point temperature measurement are available. Customers desiring these features for their existing cameras should contact Infrared Solutions or their ISI sales representative for pricing and availability.

Infrared Solutions is an industry leader in high quality, cost effective infrared imaging technology offering portable, affordable solutions for predictive maintenance, quality control, roofing, building construction, restoration, insulation, and electrical contracting. Infrared Solutions' products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

For further information, contact Infrared Solutions, Inc., 3550 Annapolis Lane North, Suite 70, Minneapolis, MN 55447. Email, PH: 763.551.0003 or 800.760.4523,
FAX: 763.551.0038 or
IR Camera offers extended temperature measurement range.

September 16, 2004 07:52 - IR FlexCam Pro features temperature measurement range up to 600ˇăC and programmable image capture that allows user to preprogram camera to take scans at timed intervals or by target temperature. Image enhancement package and thermal sensitivity of less than 0.090ˇăC is provided. User can see real-time target temperature displayed live on camera's screen.

Company Information:
Name: Infrared Solutions, Inc.
Address: 3550 Annapolis Lane North, Suite 70
City: Minneapolis
State: MN
ZIP: 55447
Country: USA
Phone: 800-760-4523
FAX: 763-551-0038

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