IR System provides predictive maintenance solution
IR System provides predictive maintenance solution.
IR System provides predictive maintenance solution.

April 19, 2002 07:44 - Palm-sized ThermaCAM(R) P60 IR inspection system offers thermal and visual imaging, built-in Laser LocatIR(TM), detachable carrying handle with integrated remote control and 4 in. LCD, and JPEG image storage. System works in concert with reporting and database software to automate process of collecting, reporting and archiving infrared images and inspection information. Inspection data and images can be downloaded from internal memory or removable FLASH card to PC.


Powerful IR system delivers complete predictive maintenance solution

N. Billerica, MA (March 4, 2002) - Finding problems in industrial
plants before damaging failures occur prevents costly downtime,
improves manufacturing reliability, avoids costly overhauls and
increases worker safety. With the new ThermaCAM? P60 IR system,
thermographers can now instantly determine the relative severity of problems and make informed decisions about the true operating condition of electrical and mechanical systems and processes. The innovative, palm-sized P60 is the first automated infrared inspection system that works in concert with reporting and database software to fully automate the process of collecting, reporting and archiving infrared images and inspection information.

Featuring both thermal and visual imaging, a built-in Laser
LocatIR(tm), a detachable carrying handle with integrated remote
control and 4" LCD, JPEG image storage, enhanced connectivity options, and powerful reporting software, the P60 quickly captures and documents all the data necessary to make cost-effective maintenance decisions.

Ergonomically designed the P60 weighs 30% less than other IR cameras and allows hours of comfortable in-field operation with a choice of viewing options to meet diverse inspection requirements. Operators can view real-time (60Hz) images on the detachable LCD and control the camera while it is positioned in hard-to-reach areas. A built-in color high-resolution viewfinder provides optimal viewing for outdoor use.

According to Thomas Scanlon, Director of Americas Thermography
Products, "The P60 is the highest performing camera in our ThermaCAM line and the number one choice for professional thermographers; it is the only IR camera that incorporates all the requirements of an infrared inspection program in one system, delivering an economical and powerful predictive maintenance solution. With over 30 years of demonstrated condition monitoring successes in predictive maintenance,
the value of an IR inspection program is immense, yielding unsurpassed maintenance savings and a rapid return on investment. In fact, many users report immediate payback on their ThermaCAM IR camera purchases."

A state-of-the-art fourth generation uncooled microbolometer infrared detector delivers crisp, high-resolution longwave images, exceptional thermal sensitivity of 0.06 deg C and ultra-precise temperature measurements allowing users to see electrical and mechanical problems with stunning clarity and accuracy.

Documenting IR survey results is automatic. All relevant inspection data and images with can be downloaded either from the camera's internal memory or removable FLASH card to a PC quickly using a USB digital link or RS232 standard serial connection. A firewire digital link is available for high-speed, real-time image transfer. A wireless IRDA provides two-way communications between the P60 and PC's/PDA's.

Coupled with ThermaCAM? Reporter(tm) and Database(tm) software, all survey data stored inside the P60 image file(s) and can be
automatically downloaded into professional inspection reports and
organized in a database eliminating the time-consuming, manual tasks often associated with IR reporting.

FLIR Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLIR) designs, manufactures and markets infrared imaging systems worldwide. Commercial product applications include predictive maintenance/condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, research and development, manufacturing process control and broadcast imaging. With over 30 years experience and more than 30,000 of its IR systems in use, FLIR is the global leader in infrared cameras, software, service, training and support. FLIR's ThermaCAM series of uncooled and cooled thermal imaging cameras have set the
standard for thermographic testing and analysis and are the most widely used IR non-contact temperature measurement systems worldwide. FLIR products also play pivotal roles in such diverse applications as public safety, defense, navigation and search and rescue.

For more information, or to take a virtual factory tour and see
examples of IR in use and demonstrated savings at industrial plants, please visit the company's web site at

ThermaCAM P60 features an innovative, detachable LCD with integrated remote control allowing users to shoot in awkward or hard-to-reach locations.

General Information:
FLIR Systems, Boston
Mary Fallon
Phone: 978-901-8225

Company Information:
Name: Flir Systems, Inc.
Address: 16 Esquire Rd.
City: North Billerica
State: MA
ZIP: 01862
Country: USA
Phone: 800-GOINFRA (464-6372)
FAX: 978-901-8887

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