IR Video Camera acts as complete thermal imaging system
IR Video Camera acts as complete thermal imaging system.
IR Video Camera acts as complete thermal imaging system.

August 27, 2003 07:36 - Measuring 1.35 x 1.45 x 1.90 in., handheld Omega? features SmartScene? video output, uncooled VOx microbolometer sensor, and 14-bit digital output with spectral response of 7.5¨C13.5 microns. ThermoCorder integrates infrared camera with Sony? camcorder via Intelligent Accessory Shoe; interface allows video signal to be input into camcorder for viewing on LCD display or viewfinder. Imagery can also be recorded directly onto tape.

Indigo Systems Ships Omega ThermoCorder? Video Cam

August 14, 2003 ¨C Goleta, CA ¨C Omega?, the world's smallest, high-performance infrared camera from Indigo Systems is now configured into a handheld, complete thermal imaging video system. The ThermoCorder integrates the tiny Omega microbolometer infrared camera with a Sony? camcorder via the Intelligent Accessory Shoe. This interface allows Omega's video signal to be input into the camcorder for viewing on the LCD display or viewfinder. The infrared imagery can also be recorded directly onto the camcorder tape. The handheld thermal imaging and recording system is a complete solution for applications that require a portable, high-resolution, real-time IR imaging device.

Indigo's Omega is the smallest (1.35"x1.45"x1.90") and lightest (under 120 grams) infrared camera in the world. It features SmartScene? video (RS-170A) output to maximize picture quality in every frame. Ultra lightweight Omega has an uncooled VOx (vanadium oxide) microbolometer sensor and features 14-bit digital output with a spectral response of 7.5 to 13.5 microns. The Omega has low power consumption with an instant turn-on signal offered with a standard input voltage range of 3.5 to 9.0 VDC.

Indigo Systems' Omega ThermoCorder is an excellent tool for firefighting, border patrol, air, land and sea surveillance, search & rescue operations, surveillance and security. Now available with a FireWire? (Apple Computer) option to increase modularity and extend the flexible architecture for custom configurations, this thermal video imaging unit is shipping now from Indigo Systems.

Indigo Systems Corporation (, based in Goleta, California, is a leading manufacturer of infrared cameras, providing complete camera, software and enclosure solutions for commercial, industrial, security, military and R&D applications. Since 1996, Indigo has provided IR cameras spanning the entire infrared spectrum, including near-, midwave-, and longwave-IR. Sensors include InGaAs, InSb, QWIPs, and microbolometers.

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