IView IView High Resolution Colour Smoke Detector Spy Camera (SP3140) camera specification
IView High Resolution Colour Smoke Detector Spy Camera (SP3140) From 119.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

A high resolution colour covert camera disguised as a smoke detector!

Colour wired covert camera - looks like an everyday smoke detector.
Use internally
Available with 6mm (56 degrees) or 12mm (25 degrees) lenses (select from drop down menu to add desired lens type)
Suitable for use in good light conditions (1 lux)
CCD lens offering superb 420 TV line quality
124 diameter x 52mm width
12V Camera
1 Year Guarantee
To add your desired length of cable and power supply select from the drop down menu.

To see how this camera connects to your recording or monitoring device download our Cabling Instructions

Fantastic For:

* Retail CCTV * Office Monitoring * Warehouses * Bars and Restaurants * Hotels * Hospitals * Schools *

This camera comes with a range of different lens. The different lens provide for wider (6mm) to narrower widths of view (12mm). The narrower the width of view (12mm), the closer objects will appear and thus the objects will appear larger. Lens Type
3.6mm lens gives a horizontal width of 90 degrees
12mm lens gives a horizontal width of 25 degrees
To see an illustration of the different horizontal widths of view Click Here

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Extend the distance of your camera

Extend the distance of your camera with the for ?4.95 each, or a for ?8.95

You can add extension leads up to a maximum of 95m away without any loss of signal or degradation of picture quality.

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