IView IView Medium Resolution External Day/Night CCTV Camera With Varifocal Lens digital c
IView Medium Resolution External Day/Night CCTV Camera With Varifocal Lens From 274.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

This external, varifocal, Day/Night camera offers maximum flexibility when selecting a CCTV camera.

Instant day/night monitoring (colour during the day, B&W at night using infra red)
4-9mm varifocal lens allowing you to adjust how far the camera can see and how wide an area it can cover
Camera will see up to 10m at night using 18 infra red LEDs
Fitted with an auto iris lens to cope better with variable lighting conditions
Medium resolution 400 TV line quality
Completely weatherproof and supplied with sunshield
Very easy and quick to set up and use
12V camera
Does not include cable or power supply (select from menu to add desired length of cable and power supply)

The Wired Camera
The day/night wired camera provides you with a fantastically clear picture of what is going on during the day AND the night. The camera changes into infra red night vision mode when it detects the light levels dropping below a certain level allowing a seamless transition between day and night.

Varifocal Lens
Varifocal lenses offer more flexibility, allowing the field of view to be adjusted manually. These lenses are popular because the user is able to get the view required rather than be limited by the constraints of a fixed lens. The 4-9mm varifocal lens allows the user to vary the focal depth and angle of view that the camera achieves (literally allowing you to zoom in and out). The more you zoom in, the narrower the field of view is so for instance at the 4mm setting the camera will give an angle of view of 62 degrees. If set at the 9mm setting the camera will give an angle of view of 30 degrees.

This allows the user greater control and flexibility over the use of the camera. Adjusting this 'zoom' feature could not be easier - two dials on the outside of the camera can be twisted clockwise or anti-clockwise to zoom in and out and adjust the focus. No need for opening up the camera or using tools.

Connect your cameras to a recording/monitoring device

Digital Video Recorder
Link your cameras to a DVR and achieve digital quality recording. Record all cameras simultaneously with time and date stamping and view all cameras as quad images. With built in hard drive memory, time lapse recording can offer well over a 1000 hours of recording!
Digital Video Recorders can also offer remote viewing over a network or the internet motion activated recording and allow up to 16 cameras to connect. See our wide range of Digital Video recorders

PC Based Recording
Connect your camera to your PC and monitor, record and remote view. CCTV software allows for a cost effective method of storing footage whilst giving a huge amount of functionality like motion detected recording, time and date stamping, remote viewing and more. See our wide range of

Extend the distance of your camera

Extend the distance of your camera with the for ?4.95 each, for ?6.95 or a for ?8.95

You can add extension leads up to a maximum of 95m away without any loss of signal or degradation of picture quality.

The IView External Day/Night CCTV Camera With Varifocal Lens is in stock and can be delivered FREE next day for only ?74.95 including VAT.

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