IView IView Wireless Colour Pen SpyCam digital camera features
IView Wireless Colour Pen SpyCam 359.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

This is the ultimate in super-sleuth, stealth technology!

    An ordinary looking working pen cleverly disguises a tiny wireless COLOUR camera, transmitter, batteries and microphone
    Easily connect receiver directly to your TV, video recorder or PC(with software) for fantastic quality colour pictures
    Built in microphone for crystal clear sound
    Batteries in the pen make this totally portable and fully covert and last approx 30 minutes
    6 hour plug in auxilliary battery pack also included for longer monitoring
    Strong pen clip so you can attach to jacket or shirt pocket
    Camera transmits wirelessly up to 60 metres line of sight or up to 20 metres through walls etc
    Very easy and quick to set up and use

Fantastic For:

All types of covert filming and monitoring situations

Ideal for undercover assignments and discreet surveillance, the Pen Cam cleverly conceals a quality colour video camera and microphone inside a working pen. With up to 60m transmission range and in minimal illumination levels, your covert operations can now be carried out with ease!

I>...you get instant spy-tastic video and sound.T3, November, 2002

Simply click the top of the pen and it begins transmitting! Wear it innocently in your shirt pocket, place it in a desk organiser, or use it like any ordinary pen - all while transmitting live, high quality colour images and sound to the receiver, connected to a TV, VCR, monitor or PC with video capture card up to 60m away.

I>More than meets the eye. Unlike some spy kit, the PenCam actually looks convincingly normalT3, November, 2002

Just pop the pen in a top pocket and no-one will be the wiser. Record any subject you want to and capture full audio at the same time! This is a great gadget!!

I>it is a pretty impressive technology.Boys Toys, November, 2002


Swann PenCam
A/V cables
Power adapter for receiver
Auxilliary 9V battery kit
Instruction guide

View the user manual

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