IView IView Wireless Colour Microcam With Audio digital camera specification
IView Wireless Colour Microcam With Audio 249.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

The ultimate in miniaturised surveillance technology! Video and Audio

    The size of your thumb
    Superior quality CMOS colour lens for full motion, crisp COLOUR pictures AND crystal clear audio
    Use with battery or mains power - power adaptor included
    Fully portable (up to 12 hours viewing with 4 AA batteries)
    Ideal for discreet surveillance
    Simple to set up and use: DIY kit includes everything you need
    Can be connected to a monitor, VCR or PC with capture card

Affordable home security, undetectable office or store surveillance, keep an eye on babies and children.

The ultimate in miniaturised surveillance technology is now within your reach with this simple to install DIY kit

I>Clear, colour Images - It is also very simple to use. PC Zone, Xmas 2001

I>Whatever use you put it to, the Microcam is sure to please. It is a no brainer to set up, after which it just works...PC Pro, Jan 2002

I>Whatever situation the Microcam is used for, it is an effective deviceEye Spy, October 2002

This camera is extremely small which means it can be hidden or moved around very easily. You can even attach it to your lapel to have some extra fun!

I>Verdict: an amazing device with many serious uses, from surveillance to fly-on-the-wall documentary making.PC Pro, January 2002

The camera has a tiny CMOS camera and a transmitter built in. The signal can be sent to the receiver up to 100m away (line of sight) or up to 30m (through walls etc). And with the built in microphone you can record full audio as well!

I>We were surprised by the picture quality, which was better than we had expectedIT Reviews, December 2001

The Microcam comes with the camera/transmitter, A/V Cable, receiver, battery pack, 9V battery snap, power adaptors and full instructions.

I>You will not need Q to help you operate it either, as the receiver unit plugs easily into any video deviceT3, July 2002

View the user manual

View the instruction diagram

I>If you can think of a valid reason or even just a good excuse, go out and buy oneMac User, July 2001

I>..full colour wireless video at this price is actually a bit of a bargain...IT Reviews, December 2001

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