ImageQuest L90D+ Silver/Black 19'' LCD Monitor (19", 1280x1024, 8ms, DVI, PC) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Hyundai
Model: L90D+
: Number of User Reviews: 9

Reviewed by: oof_ow from CA on Apr 28, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Quick turn on/off time for image to appear(at least on DVI mode)

Weaknesses: None found

Summary: The flat screen came with two pieces, the base and the screen. All you have to do is to fit the mount the screen onto the base. Installation was quite easy, the only complaint I have against installation and product design is that the adjustable height of the stand is adjusted by placing a "pin" to hold the spring down and thus setting the flat screen at the lowest (in height) setting. This pin is placed in the back of the monitor, so it is unseen. Nevertheless it makes Hyundai look primative for using this kind of height adjustment system.

Aesthetics are great; the monitor is well designed. The power button is a small blue light instead of the typical green ones you see in monitors, and I like blue. The monitor matches my silver/black/blue computer hardware theme. The bezel (or border) around the screen is very thin in width, relatively to the screen size.

It comes with a DVI cable and an analog cable. The monitor is also TCO 99 / 03 certified. An interesting and unique feature of this monitor is that it allows a 1/8" plug to be connected to it, an input (from an audio source). Then it comes with another 1/8" output plug for headphones, so you can connect headphones or speakers to your monitor. Still unclear on that function, though. In addition, the buttons of this monitor are placed on the BOTTOM of the bezel so it looks very classy. The buttons can still be accessed without too much of difficulty.

I booted up and realized there were no dead pixels. Bootup screen popped up instantaneously. I'm running it on a BFG Geforce 6800 OC with latest nVidia drivers installed 71.89, so I go and install the monitor drivers. The monitor driver installation is optional, but If you choose to install it you might not be able to install it in Windows XP (SP2) by the default way, which is by going to your Display settings --> Monitor tab --> Drivers settings --> Update Driver

For me I had to go into the Device Manager and going to the monitor device, and THEN updating it.

OK in DVI mode the max refresh rate is 60Hz @ 1280x1024, in analog mode it's 75Hz. But this isn't an issue because refresh rate doesn't matter in flat screens. I was able to go into the Advanced Timings of my driver interface and manually set the vertical refresh to 75Hz for experimentation. It works, but in my monitor tab 60Hz is still displayed, even after you uncheck the box "hide refresh rates that the monitor does not support". The problem now is that in the Advanced Timings tab I cannot get my monitor to revert to 60Hz. It would require a reinstallation of graphics drivers to correct this.

I previously owned a Samsung 171N, a great monitor in terms of design and response time (an extremely good 25ms one), and this Hyundai is even better. The image quality of this flat screen is spectacular (DVI). Monitor setting adjustment (by using software) was unneccesary and I haven't tried it yet. Anyhow, text was crisp and clear. I quickly browsed through my pictures, images, and wallpapers and found that they became more vibrant and just clearer. I also tried loading up my Winamp visualization plugins, and the moving graphics synchronized to the sound just charmed me. One note of warning though, since the monitor is bright, it might tear up your eyes if you do text editing or anything that has to do with a white window, so turn down the brightness when doing so. Also it can tear up your vision if you play games (or watch movies) on it too long, so once again it is advisable to turn brightness down.

Now for gaming. The response time lives up to its 8ms spec, so if you're a gamer or a movie watcher this screen is for you. My sniping accuracy in first person shooter games (such as Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2003, Counterstrike, Far Cry) increased significantly (because I can actually see my enemies, and also because images are clearer, whether stationary or moving. I also tried playing legacy DOS games on this monitor. It seems that in Windows if you try to run such a program the screen will flicker slightly (slill playable, but enough to discourage you from playing) . I found a fix for this in my driver settings - in the Digital Flat Screen Settings, there are 4 modes: Display adapter scaling, Centered output, Monitor scaling, Fixed aspect ratio scaling. Monitor scaling/Display adapter scaling are on by default but Centered output fixes the problem best.

I recommend this screen for you.

Reviewed by: fogfire from WA on Feb 25, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Price Speed Image Quality

Weaknesses: Blister Buttons on underside Menus Mine has subtle flaws

Summary: My 19 inch CRT was dying. My wife insisted I buy a new monitor, who am I to argue!!!
I saw reviews on Tom's and anohter site about this being as close to a CRT as you could get.

It Pivots
It has Height Adjustment
VGA and DVI- (TEH samsung built on the sam panel, has no DVI!!)
I don't use the speakers which point off the back, so I have no review of them.

99% of the time the image, contrast, and colors are stunning.

Mine has when looking at a black a darker solid screen, 3 nickle sized areas from wich very very very light streaks radiate. The might even be getting dimmer, so it could be temporay. I have no dead pixels. I got it for $399 and free two day shipping.

I decided I am not go to sweat something can't see unless looking for it while using a solid color I just don't use very often.

SO. given the praise I have seen at sites I trust and my own experience, I have to say this a total steal compated to any other 19" on the market.

I even think is plays DVDs ok which is the only negative I have seen on other sites.

Without the almost invisable shade shifts, this would be 6 stars out of 5.

Reviewed by: mikes250r from AL on Apr 8, 2005

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Brightness,clarity,definition,size,response time, ergonomics,conytrast ratio,warranty and price.

Weaknesses: Iam really stretching: viewing angle and maybe the control buttons could be larger and placed on the front of the monitor instead of the bottom.

Summary: I am a gamer and I use my pc for work. I also like to manipulate digital photos of my family. So I needed a Jack of all trades monitor.

Response time was a priority for me as I wanted a monitor that would compliment my new Crucial X850XT video card. Half Life 2 cranked all the way up looks absolutely phenomenal. Farcry looks the same way-scary realistic! No ghosting what so ever.

Digital photos taken with my Olympus 5 megapixel camera are stunning. I was a little hesitant about the name Hyundai but this monitor is actually made by a big name player and it got better reviews than its name brand twin sister.

What more could one ask for in this price range? Maybe 1600x1200 would be nice. But then again at this price I am really stretching. I paid $356 including shipping and had no dead pixels. I love this monitor. Highly recommended. Feel Free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Reviewed by: niteguy from CA on Mar 14, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Picture quality is very good. No ghosting seen running video games.

Weaknesses: Menu buttons, under the edge of the screen, are hard to get and hard to read.

Summary: Overall, I am quite happy with this monitor. Picture quality is very good. Ghosting has not been a problem, playing Shell Shock Nam 67. Good solid design. Menu buttons are a bit of a pain because the are hard to get at and hard to read.

Reviewed by: KKG from MO on Mar 15, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Price/Response Time/Image Quality

Weaknesses: Control buttons a bit a Awkward.

Summary: (Edited March 16th by KKG) My 7 year old 19" Viewsonic FINALLY died...perfect excuse to buy an LCD. Was considering another Viewsonic until I read a great review on this model on-line. After reading the review I could not justify the extra cost of the Viewsonic and bought the Hyundai L90D+. So far I am not disappointed. Great image quality, great response time (a plus for the few FPS games that i play) and a great price! Gave it four stars because I've only had it a few days. I've only noticed one dead pixel so far.

Reviewed by: valcir from FL on Apr 21, 2005

Experience: 1 Month

Strengths: huge viewable area, live colors, very good image quality, low price.

Weaknesses: View angle

Summary: My first LCD monitor and it cames well packaged.
I research a lot and was a bit concerned about dead pixels, this is a kind of lottery, but mine has no dead pixels and works fine. The response time is very good too, no ghosts.
The control buttons on the bottom of the monitor are not so difficult to use after some training and I think it looks better this way. The viewing angle is not so good but this is a LCD's general problem.

Reviewed by: dougghboy on Apr 12, 2005


Strengths: Great image, fast response time, DVI

Weaknesses: May not be the best for movies

Summary: This is one of the best LCDs I have used to date. The image is very sharp using DVI. The colors are bright and accurate. It has a very good contrast ratio and response time. You can pivot and change the height of the monitor. It may not be the best for movies due to the 6-bit color, use a TV for that anyways. Great for games. Extremely happy with this LCD.

Reviewed by: bigpow from CA on Mar 10, 2005

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: Features & value

Weaknesses: Low end video cables (both analog & digital). Does not come with Pivot software. Color reproduction is so-so (even after calibration).

Summary: (Edited March 10th by bigpow) Response time is the fastest for 19" LCD (8ms), only shared with Samsung 915N*
For only $379, I couldn't be happier.

*Samsung 915N doesn't have DVI (digital) input

Reviewed by: remgenesis from CA on Mar 4, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Good color quality, cripsy text, good resoponse time, height adjustable, DVI, Affordable price.

Weaknesses: Relatively small viewing angle. Backlight leakage

Summary: I just got my L90D+ and I am very happy with it now. Color is very accurate. Text is very crispy. The response time is claimed to be 8ms. But I don't think it is that fast. When scrolling text, you can still notice a little blur of letters. But watching movie and playing games are very good. No ghosting at all. I notice some uneven backlight problem when the screen and room are both dark. But it is no big deal for me since for normal use, I will never notice it. The only complain is that the viewing angle is not very wide. So if you are close to the monitor, you will find the bright is not very even due to the angle difference. But i think this is a common problem for TN LCD. All in all, for the price and many good features, I just love this monitor!

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