Imaging System offers image-intensified, high-speed video
Imaging System offers image-intensified, high-speed video.
Imaging System offers image-intensified, high-speed video.

September 1, 2004 07:57 - Ultima APX-i2 uses interchangeable camera heads and high-speed camera processor. Fast-cycle function can record every cycle of ultra high-speed cyclical mechanism with 1 ns time offset, providing 1 million fps at mega-pixel resolution. CMOS sensor is fiber-optically integrated with 25 mm Micro Channel Plate image intensifier. System offers 1,024 x 1,024 full pixel resolution at up to 2,000 fps or operates up to 120,000 fps at reduced resolution.

Photron's New Image-Intensified High Speed Video

August 5, 2004 - San Diego, CA - Photron USA, Inc., a world supplier of advanced, high speed imagers, announces the ultima APX-i2, a new image-intensified, mega-pixel, high speed imaging system. The image intensifier module is integrated with Photron's advanced performance video camera for greater light sensitivity and ultra fast integration times. The new lightweight, compact camera head can be switched out with either the monochrome or color APX camera heads, also available from Photron. Previously, three separate cameras were needed to perform the tasks that can now be completed with the interchangeable camera heads and only one high speed camera processor from Photron, making this a very affordable solution for slow motion imaging.

The ultima APX-i2's fast-cycle function can record every cycle of an ultra high speed cyclical mechanism, such as inkjet printer heads, with a 1 nanosecond time offset, effectively providing 1 million frames per second (fps) at mega-pixel resolution. The high performance, gated image intensifier can be used in low light or fast-shutter speed conditions.

Photron's new ultima APX-i2's CMOS sensor is fiber optically integrated with the 25mm Micro Channel Plate image intensifier. The high speed advanced imaging performance with expanded light sensitivity offers 1024 X 1024 full pixel resolution up to 2,000 fps or operates up to 120,000 fps at reduced resolution. The control and operation of all system functions are accessed via a handheld control keypad or supplied software, making this a flexible and easy to use slow motion imaging solution for automotive, medical, film / TV, industrial manufacturing, and military applications.

The new high speed video imaging system from Photron includes the camera head with the integral image intensifier, power supply module, 5 meter camera cable, processor unit with recording memory and the handheld control keypad. The proprietary systems control software package is also included at no additional charge.

Photron USA, Inc. (, founded in 1974, is a world supplier of photo-instrumentation, high speed image processing systems and photo optical technologies for the automotive, medical, industrial manufacturing, film / television, and military markets. The company's charter, to develop and design digital imaging and high speed motion analysis solutions for advanced technological challenges, has driven Photron's rapid revenue growth. Products include standard and custom high resolution, high-speed cameras, software, and systems for R&D, commercial and defense-related motion image analysis applications. For more information, please visit:

Andrew Bridges Manager, Sales & Marketing
Phone: 800-585-2129
FAX: 858-684-3558

Company Information:
Name: Photron USA, Inc.
Address: 9520 Padgett St., Suite 110T
City: San Diego
State: CA
ZIP: 92126
Country: USA
Phone: 800-585-2129
FAX: 858-684-3558

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