InControl InControl Indoor/Outdoor Colour Quadcam 4 Camera Kit camera specification
InControl Indoor/Outdoor Colour Quadcam 4 Camera Kit 295.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

Transform your Windows PC into a sophisticated 4 camera, 4 channel home CCTV system with full digital recording and playback, remote access via the Internet and easy to install home automation technology!

    4 colour wired cameras with built in PIR alarm sensor and microphone
    USB connection to your PC or laptop
    Fully weatherproof
    Sensor detects motion (even in the dark) and temperature fluctuations
    SMS text messaging to your mobile phone when motion is detected (sending digital snapshot)
    Remote viewing over the internet (ISDN, ADSL not necessary)
    Motion detected recording
    Single lead from camera carries power, video, audio and alarm signals

a futuristic home surveillance system with an exquisite interface and control system? Practical Internet Magazine (November 2001)

With the InControl Quadcam system you can protect your home with ease. Whether you want to watch over your car or keep an eye on the kids, InControl Quadcam delivers high-end functionality ?4 channel digital CCTV monitoring, recording and playback, remote surveillance and control via the Internet, alarm incident alerts sent direct to your mobile phone and much more.

The Quadcam Hub forms the heart of the InControl system. Connects to your PC via a standard USB 1.1 ?compliant socket and includes all the necessary circuitry to feed four channels of CCTV video and audio to your Windows PC.

Full colour CCTV camera with a built in alarm sensor and ultra-sensitive microphone. Up to three additional cameras can be added with ease and installed within a matter of minutes.

CONTINUOUS RECORDING ?similar to a conventional timelapse recorder, continuous recording simply records every frame the system captures from a specified camera and stores them onto your PCs hard disk. Any combination of cameras can be set to record continuously ?from a single camera to all of them if you so wish!

EVENT REORDING - Event recording cuts down on the amount of unwanted video footage by only recording video when an incident takes place. Event recording can be triggered by either video motion detection or PIR activity

MANUAL RECORDING ?If you spot an incident taking place whilst viewing your cameras, you can manually trigger both continuous and full rate recording. When panic recording is triggered, the system stops cycling through the cameras connected to your system and concentrates on the camera youve selected.


Keep an eye on what matters to you via the internet with real time remote viewing.

Even if you dont have an expensive always on broadband Internet connection in your home, InControl ensures that the PC in your home only connects itself to the Internet as and when you wish to connect to it keeping phone bills low

Retrieve video clips stored on your home PC and replay them at another location via the Internet.

Recorded video can be replayed locally or from a remote location via the Internet. Video footage can be searched by date, time and camera, filtered and then replayed in a fraction of the time associated with traditional VCRs.


Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP
Pentium II - 400MHz
USB 1.1 Port

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