Indoor Flood Light Hidden Video Security Camera
This unique hidden security camera is simple to install. Just screw the light into any standard light socket and plug the receiver into any outlet up to 2000 feet away on the same power circuit. No more worrying about how to hide video and power cables in walls or under carpets. The video signal and power are all transmitted through your existing AC wiring using a proprietary induction RF system. The CVL-33 is perfect for parking lot surveillance and other outdoor installations. Installs in minutes to react to trouble spots fast. Field of view is 80 degrees. Bright LED illuminators aid visibility in low light applications.Legal Warning
Comes with camera/bulb, receiver, instructions and 90 day manufacturers warranty.
*Light bulb screws into any standard light socket
Receiver plugs into wall outlet
Transmits through existing AC wiring up to 2000 feet
Perfect for parking lot or outdoor surveillance
80 degree field of view

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