Infrared Camera sees images through smoke and haze
Infrared Camera sees images through smoke and haze.

May 16, 2002 08:19 - Tiny Omega(TM) thermal imaging device weighs 3.5 oz, occupies less than 4 cu in., and consumes less than 1.5 W of power. It determines temperature differences as small as 0.06 deg C and produces standard RS170, PAL, and 14-bit digital outputs, making it suitable for thermal imaging and data acquisition applications. SmartScene(TM) video output improves picture quality frame by frame, by automatically adjusting conversion algorithm for continuously maximized image.

OMEGA(TM) Infrared Camera - The World's Smallest

Santa Barbara, CA - April 25, 2002 - Indigo Systems introduces the newest advancement in the miniaturization of infrared technology, the Omega(TM) thermal imaging camera. Omega is the smallest, lightest infrared camera ever built. It weighs only 3.5 ounces and is less than 4 cubic inches in size. It provides powerful features and high-performance in a package small enough to fit into applications with extreme size, weight or power limitations. Omega consumes less than 1.5 Watts of power and produces uncompromising image quality in standard RS170 (or PAL) and 14-bit digital outputs - ideal for both thermal imaging and data acquisition applications. It features a modular design and a wide variety of options and accessories for easy, convenient integration into a system.

Omega features SmartScene(TM) video output which maximizes picture quality, frame by frame, by automatically adjusting the conversion algorithm. The result is a continuously maximized image, regardless of the scene.

Omega can "see" at night, through smoke and haze, and discern temperature differences as small as 0.06 deg C. It is ideal for a wide variety of commercial and military uses such as industrial process monitoring, building inspection, security and surveillance, firefighting, miniature robotics, machine vision, helmet-mounted vision systems, and unmanned vehicles.


Based in Santa Barbara, California, Indigo Systems is a premier developer and supplier of infrared thermal imaging cameras, advanced infrared sensors and full custom readout devices (ROICs).

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Company Information:
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Phone: 805-964-9797
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