Infrared Thermal Viewer provides 320 x 240 pixel imaging
Infrared Thermal Viewer provides 320 x 240 pixel imaging.
Infrared Thermal Viewer provides 320 x 240 pixel imaging.

January 7, 2005 07:37 - Weighing less than 2 lb, portable Ferret 240 offers thermal sensitivity of less than 0.1ˇăC. Featuring wide or narrow field-of-view options, unit includes video output, permitting recording of thermal images for later analysis or documentation. Six AAA batteries deliver more than 8 hours of continuous operation. Viewer is suited for law enforcement, wildland fire, predictive maintenance, and buildings restoration applications.

Compix Announces a Portable, Low Cost, Rugged Thermal Viewer for Law Enforcement, Wildland Fire, Predictive Maintenance and Buildings Restoration Applications

Lake Oswego, Oregon- Dec. 30, 2004 - Compix Incorporated, a supplier of low cost thermal analysis tools, today announced the Compix Ferret 240 Infrared Thermal Viewer. The 240 provides excellent image quality (320 x 240 pixels) in a format suited for applications requiring portability and long battery life. Light weight (<2lbs) and small size allow the camera to be used in police surveillance as well as wildland fire situations. Good thermal sensitivity (<.1oC) means the camera can detect small temperature differences allowing it to be used in applications such as roof inspection, water damage assessment and building inspection. A single button user-interface simplifies operator training. Automatic scaling means the operator can concentrate on the scene and not need to worry about changing controls.

The 240 viewer offers two lens options, wide or narrow-field-of-view. A single point temperature readout option is available with either lens option. The narrow-field-of-view lens option is well suited to situations where longer distance detection of heat sources is important. The range to detect a human is about 300 meters. The wide-field-of-view lens allows the camera to be used where close-up viewing is needed. Surveying building interiors or electrical panels generally require this option. The thermal cursor is useful for monitoring absolute temperature of an object.

All 240 versions include a video output that permits recording of thermal images for later analysis or documentation. The viewer is powered by six (6) standard AAA cells that deliver more than eight hours of continuous operation.

Availability is 2 weeks ARO

Compix Incorporated has been a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras and systems since 1989. The company is located at 15824 SW upper Boones Ferry Rd., Lake Oswego, OR 97035. Telephone; 503-639-8496. E-mail: Website:

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Jim Walcutt
Phone: 503-639-8496

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Name: Compix Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 885
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