Infrared Viewers suit alignment applications
Infrared Viewers suit alignment applications.

March 24, 2005 00:38 - Featuring 4 in. TFT-LCD monitor, Model IRVM CCD Camera allows for viewing and recording of radiation in 400¨C1,700 nm spectral range. Model IRVE CCD Camera is intended for viewing, registering, and recording radiation in 400¨C1,700 nm spectral range. It does not include TFT-LCD display. Hybrid intensified CCD camera, Model IRVH includes infrared image converter and 4 in. monochromatic TFT-LCD display for viewing radiation in 350¨C1,700 nm spectral region.

New Additions to Power Technology, Inc.'s Line of IR Viewers

Power Technology, Inc. now offers three new models of infrared viewers: the IRVM, IRVE, and IRVH. These compact and competitively priced devices are suitable for a variety of applications requiring the observation of light emitted by infrared sources.

The IRVM is a high performance CCD camera that allows for viewing and recording of radiation in the 400 to 1700nm spectral range. The IRVM features a built-in 4-inch TFT-LCD monitor for digital viewing of images. Applications include night vision, coupling alignment, telecommunications, forensics, and art restoration.

The IRVE is a compact CCD camera designed for viewing, registering, and recording radiation in the 400 to 1700nm spectral range. The device features a highly sensitive, low noise silicon CCD sensor with increased sensitivity in near-infrared light regions. The IRVE is ideal for a variety of applications, including laser beam alignment and inspection, optical fiber alignment, telecommunications, and inspection of silicon surfaces. The unit does not include a TFT-LCD display, so users must supply a monitor for image viewing.

The IRVH is a hybrid intensified CCD camera with an infrared image converter. The IRVH features an integrated 4-inch monochromatic TFT-LCD display and is designed for viewing radiation in the 350 to 1700nm spectral region. The device enables recording and digitization of images using a PC. Applications include infrared microscopy, infrared luminescence (by ultraviolet stimulation), fluorescence, laser beam alignment and inspection, forensics, and art restoration.

Still available are Power Technology, Inc.'s popular IRV1 and IRV2 infrared viewers.

Walter Burgess VP of Sales

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Address: P.O. Box 191117
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