Inspection System speeds up security check points
Inspection System speeds up security check points.
Inspection System speeds up security check points.

September 6, 2002 07:55 - Self-contained SpyderScope? UVS allows operator to remain standing while inspecting underside of vehicles for suspicious markings or unusual alterations. Unit glides on 5 swivel wheels under vehicle, where bright white LEDs illuminate undercarriage. Wide-angle lens and camera capture live, color video displayed on anti-glare, anti-reflection, handle-mounted color monitor. Operator immediately views and analyzes video to determine threat of vehicle.

Security Check Points Gain Accuracy, Speed and Safety with the Introduction of Sperry West's SypderScope? Under-Vehicle Viewing System

August 14, 2002 - San Diego, CA - Sperry West, makers of Spyder? CCTV Video cameras, introduces the SpyderScope? Under-Vehicle Viewing System (AKA: SpyderScope UVS) for improved operator safety, vehicle inspection accuracy and speed. (Photo:

The SpyderScope? UVS speeds up security check points, decreases the possibility of security breaches, and improves the safety of security personnel and surrounding bystanders. The unit allows the operator to remain standing, and therefore visible, while inspecting the underside of vehicles for suspicious markings or unusual alterations. Since the unit does not emit any interfering or disturbing electronic signals, it is safe to use in the detection of bombs or other explosive devices, in addition to contraband and drugs.

"With the recent unspeakable acts using vehicles as weapons, we believe the SpyderScope UVS has the potential to save many lives. If it detects only one device and saves just one life, then our work is validated." says Sperry West's Vice President of Business Development, Barry Levine.

With an operator standing to one side of the rear or front of a vehicle, the SpyderScope UVS is slid under the car or truck using the adjustable grip handle. The unit glides on five swivel wheels under the vehicle where bright, white LED's illuminate the undercarriage. Day or night, an ultra wide-angle lens and video camera capture live, vivid-color video which is seen on the anti-glare, anti-reflection, handle-mounted color monitor. The operator immediately views and analyzes live action video to quickly determine the threat of a vehicle.

The self-contained, fully adjustable and portable SpyderScope UVS is durable and weather-resistant in any climate. It operates continuously using two rechargeable, quick-swap batteries, so security checks can continue even when personnel switch shifts. Onboard outputs allow for wireless transmission, or the addition of an optional digital or analog video recorder, or to wearable video goggles.

"Standard size cars and trucks can be viewed in just one sweep of the SpyderScope UVS under the vehicle," comments Levine, "It's so quick and easy to use that an operator could inspect under every vehicle as they enter the facility, without slowing the security check point entrance. It's allowing organizations to greatly improve the security of their facilities with very little effort. The SpyderScope makes it easy and practical to inspect every vehicle at airports, public
facilities, border check points and anywhere vehicles might pose a security threat; ensuring the safety and security of their visitors."

The SpyderScope UVS is available internationally through select, reputable dealers and distributors. U.S. Federal Government buyers and approved law enforcement agencies can purchase the SpyderScope? UVS through the GSA Advantage! online buying program. To locate a nearby dealer or distributor, contact Sperry West at (858) 551-2000, or email at

About Sperry West

Located in San Diego, California, Sperry West manufacturers innovative video surveillance cameras and kits for the industrial, commercial and government security professional. High-quality cameras and unique product design elements set the company apart from other video manufacturers, making Sperry West a leading provider of superior visual documentation through
technologically advanced products and high level customer service.

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