Intelligent Wireless Home Security System Calls Your Cell Phone During an Alarm
New Intelligent Wireless Home Security System that Automatically Calls Your Cell Phone During an Alarm Activation and Requires No Monthly Fees or Contracts Introducing a new hi-tech home and business security system that requires no complicated wiring and provides emergency life protection remote controls for your family.

Another stressful situation arises. You have to travel to another city for a business trip; away from your family for three days. What happens while you are gone? Is your family safe from dangerous intruders? How can you be sure?

Clear Perceptions is now selling an innovative new security system that will finally give you that peace of mind while you are away. The SafeCall Security System protects your family whether you are at home or away. This easy to install, wireless alarm system will protect your family from intruders, medical emergencies or even a fire.

What separates this security system from the others? First, the SafeCall system automatically calls your cell phone (as well as four additional numbers you enter into the unit) during an emergency. Once it calls your cell phone, you can discreetly listen to the cause of the alarm (whether it is an intruder or a family member having a medical emergency). If it抯 a burglar, you can immediately notify the police. If it抯 your father having a heart attack, you can call for an ambulance.

Another powerful benefit from using this system is no monthly fees or service contracts. The other alarm systems require you to pay a monthly fee for the security service. This will cost you over $250 to $500 a year and requires you to place the security of your family with complete strangers. The SafeCall Security System allows you to immediately receive the call (no matter where you are) during an alarm and gives you control over the alarm functions. You will never have to pay a monthly fee and you can even communicate with the people inside during an emergency.

The entire system is wireless, from the door/window sensors to the motion detectors. You can even arm and disarm with your wireless remote controls (now arming your home is as easy as arming your car). These remote controls can also be activated by your family members during a medical emergency. If your elderly father has a heart attack, he can press the panic button anywhere on the property and SafeCall will automatically call you and your family immediately to save his life. For your elderly relatives living in another area, this unit will automatically call you if their life is in danger (never again will you spend a sleepless night having to worry about the safety of your parents).

Only $349 for the entire system. Includes door/window sensors, motion detector, and two wireless remotes. Plugs into your phone line without causing any problems with your phone/fax/computer. Additional accessories available if needed for a small fee. For more information about the easy to install, high tech wireless security system, that can save your life and protect your family, contact Brett Schoneman at Clear Perceptions, Chatsworth, California. Phone (818) 727-2225, Fax (818) 727-1628, Email:

Prices at time of press release.

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