Intercity buses get security grants
Intercity buses get security grants

Online Exclusive, Aug 29 2003

Security for millions of Americans who travel by bus will be improved with $20 million in federal funds provided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The grants will improve security systems and equipment for over-the-road buses.

The funding includes approximately $20 million for 67 projects proposed by bus companies and others located in 25 states and the District of Columbia. Grant funding will be used to address security needs such as driver protection, tracking and communications with over-the-road buses, passenger and baggage screening, security assessments and/or development of security plans and training for transportation personnel to recognize and respond to criminal attacks and terrorist threats.

Grants also will pay for physical security enhancements such as fencing, lighting and surveillance equipment at locations where buses are parked and maintained.

"We have made significant investments in aviation and port security, and now, we are investing in security for those who travel by bus," TSA Administrator Admiral James Loy says.

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