Interface seamlessly connects cameras and recorders

Telemetrics Introduces Seamless Interface Unit for Sony Cameras & Recorders

Allows Connection Between Cameras & Recorders From Different Series/Formats.

Mahwah, NJ (December 3, 2002) - Telemetrics, Inc., the industry's leading supplier of camera control systems and robotics equipment, has introduced a new camera-recorder adapter specifically designed for Sony's extensive line of broadcast and professional video cameras and recorders. The new TM-DSR-E10 allows users to mix and match a wide variety of Sony cameras and recorders without any modifications. It is the latest addition to the company's line of specialty camera interfaces and adapters.

"There is a great deal of crossover between applications for today's high performance video cameras and recorders in the broadcast and professional markets," said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President, Telemetrics, Inc. "With the introduction of our new TM-DSR-E10 Camera Recorder Interface, BVP camera users can now easily record in Betacam SP component analog or DVCam component digital formats."

Telemetrics TM-DSR-E10 Camera Recorder Interface is an electrical and mechanical adapter designed to dock Sony BVP Series Cameras to Sony's DSR-1 or PVV-3 Recorders without modification. Specific camera models include Sony's BVP-E10, BVP-
550, BVP-570, BVP-950 and BVP-9500WS. The unit accommodates all required camera / recorder interface signals to provide transparent operation. The lightweight TM-DSR-E10 is constructed of aluminum with a black textured finish.

The Telemetrics TM-DSR-E1O is currently available.

For more information on Telemetrics' camera control systems call 201-848-9818, fax 201-848-9819, or visit

Telemetrics, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of camera control components and systems for broadcast, industrial, educational and military applications. The company's highly specialized line includes: Camera robotics systems including programmable computer controlled pan/tilt mechanisms, weatherproof camera robotic systems, motorized camera trolley systems, advanced control software, and a wide variety of programmable controllers. Additional products include camera control systems through triax cable, RF and fiber links; and Teleconferencing and distance learning systems.
Interface seamlessly connects cameras and recorders.
Interface seamlessly connects cameras and recorders.

December 23, 2002 07:39 - Model TM-DSR-E10 allows user to mix and match variety of Sony cameras and recorders, with different formats, without making modifications. Electrical and mechanical adapter accommodates all required camera/recorder interface signals to provide transparent operation. It is constructed of aluminum and has black textured finish.

Company Information:
Name: Telemetrics Inc.
Address: 6-T Leighton Place
City: Mahwah
State: NJ
ZIP: 07430 3119
Country: USA
Phone: 201-848-9818
FAX: 201-848-9819

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