Investigative Companies and Security Agencies Using New Photo Enlargement Technology to Improve Homeland Security

A new photo enlargement technology called Imagener by Kneson Software is helping homeland security professionals hold down costs and improve image content identification simultaneously. Surveillance photos often need to be digitally improved and enlarged to be useful. Imagener enlarges and maintains image detail allowing better identification of evidence in surveillance image data.

San Diego, CA May 9, 2005 -- Homeland security professionals need better identification tools while holding down costs. A new photo enlargement product called Imagener is helping them do just that. Many digital photo software tools have limited ability to enlarge images clearly, even high-end software products.

Surveillance images become too grainy to be useful at some level of enlargement depending on the quality and size of the beginning image. Imagener maintains the visual quality of the image allowing homeland security professionals to accurately identify more image content.

"We have customers that use Imagener for enlarging and enhancing photos obtained from surveillance cameras mounted in stores and around warehouses," said Donald Henderson, president of Kneson Software. "It allows them to obtain better detail information for more positive identification of subjects in the images. Other customers in investigation and security companies capture images of license plates that cannot be identified without this photo enlargement technology. Imagener has helped positively identify perpetrators as well as license plate information," he added.

Imagener is also used for enlarging any type of digital image, from web content to old photos to cell phone photos and digital camera pictures. It uses enhanced interpolation technology to preserve quality when enlarging, with dramatically better results than commercial products like Photoshop? or Paint Shop Pro? can produce.

Imagener includes two different levels of technology. Imagener's Unlimited technology analyzes image complexity, computes a vector map of each region and converts the regions into vectors then back into their original pixel-based format after enlargement. Images can be resized without limit regardless of their complexity.

Imagener's Progressive++ technology analyzes pixels well removed from each targeted pixel, then estimates how colors change based on overall image patterns. This fills in areas with pixel colors based on much more image information than current enlargement methods, and enlarges surveillance photos to allow identification of image content that was not possible before. For additional information about photo enlargement, visit

About Kneson Software
Kneson Software is a software manufacturing and marketing company with over 15 years experience in perfectly matching identified customer needs with world-class software development. Kneson Software develops all of its products using pure C++, programmed by developers that have used C++ since its earliest days of existence. All products are functionally and visually fast and highly tested for bulletproof performance. All Kneson Software products install cleanly, uninstall completely, and contain no Adware or Spyware.

Donald Henderson, President
Kneson Software

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