KINDERGARD Outlet Plugs- quality Kindergard products 00412 home security product

The KINDERGARD Outlet Plugs are designed to prevent children from putting fingers or sharp objects into electrical outlets around your home. This home security products octagonal shape covers the individual sockets on the outlet. The 00412 model is made of clear, polycarbonate material and is durable and does not detract from home décor. Includes a quantity of 12 plugs.


  • Prevents electrical shock
  • Easily installed into most any electrical outlet

  • Portable Memory (various)
  • San Ultra SD 2 Gb
  • Wireless Hidden Color VCR Video Security Camera
  • 14 inch B&W Security Monitor
  • RCA-to-RCA Adapter
  • Cable/Connector Installation Kit for Secondary Monitor
  • BIG JAMMER 80115 Door Brace 80115 Home Security Product
  • Indoor - Outdoor Intercom Box
  • 2.4 GHz Camera Transmitter with Receiver
  • Easy PC Interfacing
  • Color Weather Resistant Video Camera
  • Security Camera Related Information