Keep an eye on your family all around the house with Safewatch CCT from ADT
Safewatch® Wireless CCTV: The in-home closed circuit TV system from ADT. Safewatch safety and peace of mind With Safewatch it’s easy to watch your kids in or around the house. Or maybe an elderly parent needs to be checked on periodically. Safewatch gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing everyone’s all right. It’s what you’d expect from the largest protector of homes and families in the nation.

Monitor your home from your TV: Safewatch cameras connected to your television let you see what’s happening on your property – whether it’s inside, at your doorstep, or out in the shadows. You can even listen in with Safewatch’s enhanced audio capabilities.

Beyond home security - See what goes on when you’re not home: Safewatch can hook up to your own TV and VCR—letting you record activities while you’re out. (Imagine being able to check up on a baby-sitter or repairman.) And if your TV has a picture-in-picture feature, you can monitor another area of your home while you watch your favorite programs.

The convenience of wireless: Wireless systems enable you to take advantage of several wireless features that will make your life a little easier.

Watch and listen in to your baby’s nursery: Better than an ordinary baby monitor, the ADT Safewatch goes beyond just audio capabilities. Imagine being able to check on your young ones more frequently because their image is right on your TV screen.

Surveillance of entrances, driveways, swimming pools and remote areas: Safewatch monitoring can provide an additional level of protection to any security system. The mere sight of a camera will discourage intruders from coming near your home. You’ll also enjoy the added peace of mind of being able to "patrol" your he with the touch of a button.

Monitor an elderly parent in another part of the house: An ideal feature for loved ones that may need occasional assistance in the house or around the yard.

Color camera imagery: Safewatch cameras provide vivid, full-color detail.

Customize your system: Safewatch can be expanded, with multiple cameras to fit your family’s needs.

The ADT advantage: There is a critical distinction between Safewatch and do-it-yourself security systems: Safewatch is professionally installed by ADT, America’s number one security company. If there’s ever a problem, you can trust that ADT will be there to solve it.
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