Mar 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Stand-Alone Access Control Keypad

Up to 200 enrolled users

Using piezo switch technology, the keypad has no moving parts or buttons. Keypad meets IP68 standards for water resistance and MIL standards. Up to 200 users can be enrolled at the keypad without external controllers or computers.

Features: 2-in.กม6-in. button narrow version available for mullion installations; 3-in.กม4-in. button wallswitch model; recessed-mount flush version of the 2-in.กม6-in. keypad and illuminated version of the 3-in.กม4-in. surface-mount model also available.
Stand-alone keypads
Chatsworth, Calif.
Circle #85 on card

Virtual Web Keypad

Supports DNS name servers

The virtual Web keypad enables a user to control security systems from any computer via the Internet or data network. The keypad operates the same as the supplier's 32-character LCD keypads, on any of the supplier's control panels. Keypad allows users to be notified of system status, and allows a user to arm or disarm the system, verify events or supervise employees. The keypad supports DNS name servers, IP addressing and live video via an IP camera.

Feature: compatible with wireless PDAs.
Springfield, Mo.
Circle #86 on card

Commercial Fire Keypad

Addressable remote keypad/annunciator

Fire alpha keypad has an addressable remote keypad/annunciator and is intended for commercial fire applications. The keypad has four LEDs, including: Armed, Ready, Trouble and Supervisory. The 32-character alpha display can be customized to spell out detailed information. A built-in speaker beeps to identify fire/security system status. Soft-touch keys are illuminated for nighttime visibility.

Features: four programmable function keys, paging, single-button operation.
Syosset, N.Y.
Circle #87 on card

Electronic Keypad With Safe Handle

Code change function

Keypad provides safe manufacturers the option of incorporating an electronic keypad into the handle. The keypad on the safe handle eliminates the need for manufacturers to drill separate holes into their safes.

Features: keypad system has a U.L. Type 1 listing on the interior lock and comes standard with a simple code change function.
Torrance, Calif.
Circle #88 on card

Weather-Resistant Keypads

Full travel upon selection

The keypad and electronics are encased in weather-resistant housing. A Lexan plate covering the housing protects the unit from vandalism. The metal design of the keys provides a tactile sensation, even when user is wearing gloves. A standard 5 conductor Wiegand interface design provides power and data. The interface also allows universal acceptance of the series by other manufacturers' panels.

Features: accommodates integrated proximity card reader/keypad that can be mounted under a single cover, keypads combine card and PIN code values.
AC-160 Series
Thorofare, N.J.
Circle #89 on card

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