Las Vegas show biggest ever
Las Vegas show biggest ever

Mar 1, 1998 12:00 PM
AC&SSI Staff

With more than 450 exhibitors and 115,000 square feet of displays, ISC Expo/Las Vegas '98 will be the largest to date. It will include security technologies ranging from access control and security hardware to integrated systems and home automation. Separate pavilions will feature CCTV, security hardware and home systems. The accompanying conference program will feature 90 seminars, tours and events, including tours of McCarran International Airport, the Las Vegas Hilton Casino and the Flamingo Hilton Casino. ISC Expo will be held March 24-26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Managed by Association Expositions and Services (AEandS), a division of Reed Exhibition Companies, ISC Expo is sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA).

The following products are among those featured in the New Product Showcase, presented by the Security Industry Association (SIA) in conjunction with ISC/Las Vegas. Eleven security industry professionals will evaluate the products based on level of innovation, value of the problems solved/needs addressed, ease of installation/implementation, and strengths and benefits versus costs. The judges will select award winners in categories such as Dealer's Choice, Specifier's Choice, CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems.

New Product Showcase

Access control system Ademco Booth #1129 Simple connectivity is key for Ademco's PassPoint Access Control System. Supported by Echelon's LONWORKS free-topology network protocol, PassPoint's pre-packaged systems allow simple system installation and expansion - up to 128 access points. Pre-configured databases and proprietary Windows 95 "Wizards" offer a range of on-line system functions.

Remote telesurveillance AIT Corp. Booth #1523 AIT Advanced Information Technologies announces Rapid Eye JR, a compact, low-cost addition to its family of remote video telesurveillance products. JR combines the features and benefits of the Rapid Eye Plus for sites with up to four cameras. Compatible with other system components, JR allows effective remote alarm monitoring and verification using the Rapid Eye Host Operator station and integrated two-way audio control, and supports independent end-user look-in using Rapid Eye Manager personal laptop software.

Power supply Securitron Booth #1655 The BPS Series, an integral battery backup power supply, has earned UL Class 2 listing, allowing installation without expensive conduit for outputs. The BPS Series includes multidrop, current-limited, protected outputs with LED indicators and slide switches to control each zone. In addition, emergency release terminals allow direct fire-alarm deactivation. The BPS Series is available in sizes from 1-15 amps at 12v DC and 1-10 amps at 24v DC.

Motion sensor C&K Systems Inc. Booth #1233 The DT-500 Dual Tec "Big Dog Friendly" motion sensor offers animal immunity of up to 100 pounds. With Uniform Sensitivity Optics and an application-specific microwave source, the patented technology ignores large animals yet accurately detects humans in the pattern, whether walking, running or crawling.

Weatherproof ball camera GBC - A Sentrol Brand Booth #713 The GBC BC-450/935C is a weatherproof ball camera about the size of a baseball. The BC-450 (black and white) and BC-935C (color) are adjustable 350 degrees horizontally and plus or minus 90 degrees vertically. The cameras are easily mounted on ceilings or walls; they come with a wall mount.

PIR/microwave detector Detection Systems Booth #1349 The DS825/DS840 are the smallest mirrored optic PIR/microwave detectors available, according to Detection Systems. Special optics and processing techniques provide pet immunity for animals as large as 60 pounds. The PIR/microwave detectors combine pet immunity, mirrored optics, patented supervision techniques and a DRO microwave design. They provide reliability, catch performance and false alarm immunity.

Cellular radio/transceiver AlarmNet/SafetyNet Booth #1129 The 7835C Cellular Radio Transceiver delivers alarm transport capability for virtually nationwide coverage for supervised wireless communications. This product uses existing cellular networks. It can transmit its signals via RF links directly to a central station. By using cellular control channels instead of voice channels, the 7835C provides higher capacity (no busy signals) and broadcasts at higher power for greater range and reliability.

Interior/exterior strobe Elk Products Inc. Booth #1876 Elk-SL1 is an interior/exterior strobe that blends with any decor while being weatherproof, according to the company. Designed as an addition to Elk's stainless speakers and sirens, it also mounts to any wall and aligns with single- or double-gang electrical boxes. The Elk-SL1 is made of polycarbonate, like Lexan, and is vandal-resistant. Other features include simple two-wire hookup, compatibility with most control panels (even pulsing outputs), and four color choices.

NT-based management ITI Booth #1341 ITI Access NT is a real-time, Windows-NT-based security management system for large manufacturing plants, hospitals and other applications requiring monitoring from multiple terminals. The system controls doors, cards, access groups, time schedules, CCTV and video badging. It secures 99 doors per network with an unlimited number of dial-up APM networks; 8,500 cards per APM. Expanded input/output support provides 64 input points and 64 output points per APM for monitoring gates and sensors, and for controlling elevators, fans and lights.

Digital cellular transceiver Uplink Booth #101 Uplink Digicell 1600 is a 2-way digital cellular transceiver for use with selected alarm panels. It offers a 10-minute plug-in installation to those panels and has an option for packaged summary or full reporting data. The unit has a built-in signal strength tester. The 1600 offers high reliability, low cost, existing cellular system coverage and convenience. Uplink DigiCell 1500 is a digital cellular transceiver that can attach to any alarm panel and transmit to any central station. It provides affordable two-way alarm transmission over the existing cellular network and installs in 30 minutes. The unit has a built-in signal-strength tester. Dealers can send up to six different summary output signals to any central station in any of the current reporting formats without needing testing or receiving equipment.

Wireless system Sentrol Booth #1323 The Sentrol 4000 Series Wireless System is a fully integrated, supervised system for the Moose ZX family of control panels. It was developed with the goal of improving RF wireless performance, reducing service requirements and providing product flexibility to handle a variety of installations.

CCTV with sound FM Systems Booth #327 The Camera-COM adds sound surveillance to CCTV systems. Sound follows the video signal through the coax cable, switchers and video amplifiers with no cabling required. A CCT-1 Camera-COM transmitter contains a microphone and circuitry to combine the sound with the video signal from the camera. At the monitor location, a CCR-1 receiver decodes the sound associated with the picture.

Electric strikes Hanchett Entry Systems Booth #1176 The 5000 series electric strikes are designed with only a 11/16-inch bracket for low-profile installations, but with 2,385 pounds holding force. This product comes with six interchangeable faceplates, field changeable fail-secure or fail-safe function, and the capability to run on AC or DC current.

Switcher/controller system Sensormatic Booth #1029 AD 168 Matrix Switcher/Controller System offers plug-and-play capability. It places the complete AD software feature set on a mid-size 12x12 architecture that is implemented using surface-mount technology. Video loss detection is standard on all video inputs. On-screen text now includes identification of presets and alarm events. Windows-based system setup software simplifies the customizing and archiving of operational parameters.

Digital video network Javelin Systems/Ademco Booth #1129 Javelin's Q-Net turns existing PC networks into CCTV surveillance/ management tools, allowing a user to write a memo while watching remote video cameras on a PC at the same time. Q-Net provides remote guard tours, safety monitoring, qualityassurance and enhanced security management capabilities to PC network users.

Mag-stripe card reader Kantech Booth #1613 The Polaris-2KP magnetic-stripe card reader is available in two versions - the POL-2 mag-stripe reader and the POL-2KP with integrated keypad. Features include bi-directional reading, four configurable output modes, inner reading error detection and indoor/outdoor use. Complete with a built-in tamper switch, piezo and bi-color LED, the Polaris-2 is housed in a white polycarbonate case.

Integrated systems Digital Security Controls (DSC) Booth #1613 MAXSYS provides system and technology integration, offering security for up to 128 zones, access control for up to 32 doors, fire alarm and automation features. This capability can now be implemented in any combination of standard hardwired distributed multiplex components, addressable multiplex loops and wireless input and control.

Communications gateway Radionics Booth #1349 The D6600 Communications Receiver/Gateway has the most processing power in a small package, according to Radionics. The ability to identify the type of transmitter quickly reduces online time and transmission costs. The receiver can be updated by downloading new versions of software.

On-line support Dedicated Micros Booth #621 Dedicated Micros introduces a diagnostic/troubleshooting tool that provides instant remote technical support for CCTV customers. It reduces maintenance costs, saves on customer downtime and improves efficiency and customer service levels to CCTV system users, according to the company. E-Support capability is available on new products with the addition of the E-Support Pack. It is a free service.

Alarm verification Audiogard Booth #457 The Alarm Verification Interface Module (AIM) can be retrofitted to any existing alarm installation, upgrading and improving it with "eyes and ears." When there is an alarm, the CS operator can simultaneously listen, look in and play back the 30 seconds of stored audio and video prior to the alarm to determine its cause, using standard telephone lines.

Remote surveillance Alpha Systems Labs Booth #301 RemoteWatch Pro connects more than 16 remote systems to the same system and records footage digitally, even while recorded footage is viewed. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Alpha Systems Labs specializes in high-tech video surveillance.

Detector with sounder System Sensor Booth #1039 The 100 Series Low Profile Detector with Sounder meets NFPA Standard 2-.2.2.2 for a Temporal 3 Pattern by incorporating a built-in temporal-pattern sounder. The need to install reversing relay modules or programming, or wiring at the control panel is eliminated. Certain models contain an auxiliary Form C Relay to control multiple functions from the detector such as elevator recall or door closure. Isolated or integrated, electronic heat-sensing options are also available.

Interactive video Crow Electronic Engineering Booth #543 The Crow interactive video surveillance system can monitor up to 36 cameras on-site or from a remote location using up to 36 inputs and 18 outputs. Using standard telephone lines and Windows 95, users can monitor multiple cameras or retrieve and store images with time and date.

Digital video management system Gyyr Inc., an Odetics Co. Booth #629 Gyyr's digital video management system is a single-box solution to complex electronic security applications, according to Gyyr. It combines the functions of a multiplexer, video transmission system, digital video storage, retrieval and archiving with motion detection. Network connectivity is enabled through dial-up or TCP/ IP over Ethernet. Configurations offer variable storage/archiving capacity.

Dual technology Hirsch Booth #1826 The ScrambleProx Dual-Technology Reader combines the Hirsch ScramblePad keypad with an integral proximity reader. A wave of the card starts the electronic keypad, lighting up the numbers in random order. For ADA compliance, ScrambleProx also provides single technology for disabled individuals while maintaining the high security of dual technology forother uses. ScrambleProx communicates digitally.

Exit devices Locknetics Booth #1268 The 6000 Series SmartExit family includes a selection of heavy-duty, electrified and electronic exit devices with simplified mechanical designs. Units feature low-power-consumption, dual-voltage or battery-powered operations. Models include delayed egress, electronic dogging, stairwell function, and request to exit.

Electronic door locks Mas-Hamilton Group Booth #1081 The Mas-Hamilton Group announces the upcoming release of a series of stand-alone electronic access control door locks, designed to provide keyless entry and access control. The series of locks uses Mas-Hamilton's "no batteries" technology. Offered within the series are models that enable users to obtain audit activity and easily manage user data (using a smart key). Models vary according to the number of users, audit events and levels of access control.

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