Let ADT SmartLight Light Your Way to Safety
Get the life-saving system that can light your way out in case of fire. When a fire breaks out in the middle of the night, the last thing you want is to waste precious minutes fumbling to turn on the lights. And when your system is equipped with an ADT Fire Detector and ADT SmartLightsm Lamp Kit, you don?t have to. Thanks to advanced wireless technology, when your system detects smoke or fire, it not only calls for help, it also turns on a lamp so you and your family can see your way to safety.

Flashing lights visually alert you to an intruder. Worried about break-ins? Have your ADT SmartLight Lamp Kit programmed to flash your lights on and off if the system detects an intruder. Aside from being an unmistakable warning inside or outside the house, flashing lights make it that much easier for the police to identify your home when they respond to the alarm. And it?s an invaluable option if you have someone in your family with serious hearing problems or deafness.

A press of a button welcomes you home to a lighted house. Hate coming home to a dark house? You?ll love the fact that your ADT SmartLight Lamp Kit can be programmed to turn on lamps with a single click of your QuickKey? Remote or the instant you punch in your code on your Keypad. Whether you?re concerned about fire and break-ins or just want the added convenience of remote control lighting, an ADT SmartLight Lamp Kit is a great addition to your ADT security system.

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