Linescan CCD Camera suits industrial vision applications

New Camera Support Announced

The AVIIVA M2 is a new line of high speed, linescan CCD cameras developed by ATMEL Corporation, San Jose, Ca. -- the experts in CCD design, technology and camera.

The AVIIVA CL-M2CL camera is designed with the idea of providing versatility, accuracy and ease of implementation in industrial vision applications, such as metrology, web inspection, surface inspection, OCR and parts inspection. The camera incorporates a 4 K pixel sensor with a 10 micron meter pixel size and features data rates up to 60 Mhz (scalable), and dynamic range of up to 12 bits (also scalable). The camera offers many programmable settings for features such as, data rate selection, trigger mode and exposure control functions. One of the key features of this camera is its outstanding signal to noise ratios and increased responsiveness compared with traditional CCD cameras.

Based on the Cameralink standard, the AVIIVA CL-M2CL allows developers to access all data, synchronization and total camera control with a unique and standard cable. All AVIIVA line scan series cameras also include a parallel LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) version, which allows the use of longer cables. The AVIIVa CL-M2CL is now supported by the Viper-CamLink (frame grabber for Medium and Full Camera Link cameras), PC-CamLink (frame grabber for Base Camera Link cameras) and Coreco Imaging's recently introduced, X64-CL (dual Camera Link frame grabber series for the PCI-64 bus).

For more information on this interfacing this camera to your Coreco Imaging frame grabber, contact us.
Linescan CCD Camera suits industrial vision applications.

December 30, 2002 07:45 - AVIIVA CL-M2CL incorporates 4 K pixel sensor with 10 micron meter pixel size, data rates up to 60 MHz, and dynamic range up to 12 bits. Data rate selection, trigger mode, and exposure control functions are programmable. Based on Cameralink standard, AVIIVA CL-M2CL allows developers to access all data, synchronization, and total camera control with standard cable. Unit is supported by Viper-CamLink, PC-CamLink, and X64-CL dual Camera Link frame grabber.

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