Linksys Wireless G 54Mbps Cable/DSL Router - Security Camera User Rating
Price range: $49.26 - $149.90 from 57 Seller with a available.

Average user reviews:

Description:Wireless-G is the upcoming 54Mbps wireless networking standard that's almost five times faster than the widely deployed Wireless-B (802.11b) products found in homes, businesses, and public wireless hotspots around the country. Since they sh.Reviewed by: angel333 from MA on Nov 16, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: great performance

Weaknesses: cannot install with a mac

Summary: if you have a mac, you need a pc to run the setup disk once, but once that's taken care of, you can use macs with the router

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: ehalbritter from UT on Jul 25, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: -Ease of use, great set-up (hint: don't use the CD) -Value for the dollar

Weaknesses: None yet

Summary: I'm a 5 year veteran in IT. Although I prefer a CLI to the GUI interface, this is simple enough for the non-technical. I decommissioned my Cisco AP340 for the Linksys WRT54G to take advantage of the 3-in-1 (Access point, router, 4 port switch). Don't bother with the CD setup - simply plug in all periphials and follow the set-up fold out provided.
-Wireless network-
-works with Cisco 350 Client adapters for laptops
-works with the Dell 1100 compact flash wireless adapter
-DHCP server works flawless
-Wired network-
-Same as above (minus the wireless network cards)

1. Quick hint for the all (technical and non-technical)
ALWAYS update the latest firmware available from vendor website on ALL hardware you purchase. If you can download a file from the internet, you can update firmware.

2. Wireless throughput, signal strength, etc is a 99% your environment. i.e., cordless phones (2.4 ghz), microwave oven use, brick buildings, metal (air/heating ducts), your neighbors, local business, local government's wireless network, etc can all effect your results. Use common sense and place the router/access point is as central a location of your environment as possible. Use your laptop wireless network card to help identify if your neighbor is running wireless, it helps you select a channel change if needed.

3. If you have initial set up problems, you probably didn't read the documentation (RTFM, RTFM, RTFM). Double check the vendor web site for updates/changes. It happens all the time.

4. If you still have problems - take it back to place of purchase. It happens folks. Sometimes defective units make it past manufacturing QA screens. Try a different unit before trying tech support. Previous posts are correct in that technical support is off shored to various countries (India, Mexico, Phillippines, Costa Rica, China, etc). That's business for you. Get it over it, it's here to stay.

5. You get what you pay for. This is a great product for the home environment and small office (real estate, insurance agency, etc). I don't recommend this for any larger commerical property - time is money - if your business relies on this for business critical - spend the money and go with SOHO/SMB hardware.

All in all, I give it a buy recommendation!
Good job Linksys!

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: faidwen on Aug 18, 2003

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Extremely simple to setup __IF__ you have ANY technical "know how". Excellent reception, depending on placement. Superb web interface.

Weaknesses: None found yet. Although if you DO NOT know what you are doing, then do not attempt to setup yourself.

Summary: The product is well packaged, and contains simple step by step instructions, that if you know WHAT YOU ARE DOING technically, you should have ABSOLUTELY no issues with installation. DO NOT purchase, or attempt to install if you do not have an understanding of networking. ALSO, the tweaks in the WEB/UI are sufficient to accomplish most networking tweaks. ALL IN ALL, nice product.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: grunds from AR on Jul 10, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Very fast...firewall...easy, intuitive web interface...easy to host web page with this router

Weaknesses: Setup was not as easy as one would wish

Summary: Ok...
Read all the reviews before I went and purchased this product. First, I cannot believe some of these 'networking professionals' and 'electrical engineers' are having the problems they are. While I did have to abandon the automatic setup CD (would not work), I had no more problem setting up this router than I did with any other. My problem revolved around the fact that I could not get my cable modem to assign the IP to the router. Once I held the 'reset' button in for about 30 seconds on the router, powered off the cable modem and router and did all that in the right combination, the IP was assigned and I was off and running. That was, no kidding, the only hiccup I had. And, again, that seems to be a recurring problem with every router I've used with this particular ISP, so it may not even be a problem with the Linksys router.

Everything else from the web intereface to the speed of the router is superb. This is my third router and I switched to this one because I'd purchased really cheap ones before (you get what you pay for!) and I couldn't host web pages through 'em and it was a real pain to get the Belkin router web interface to come up...a real hit and miss affair. So, I ditched the Belkin router for the Linksys and I'm more than happy now.

Only reason I didn't give it Five Stars is because I did have to rely upon my limited networking knowledge to get it running. The install CD did not work (said my computer did not have an Internet connection...I could surf the net, so something is dorked up with their automated processes). However, it only took me about 15 minutes for it to finally get the IP loaded and I've now got two computers hooked to it and I'm transfering data between them and surfing the net on both as I type this.

Since this is my third router in less than a year (hard wired, to 11b, to 11g), I'd say buy Linksys and stay away from own personal opinion of course. But, one that I've learned from experience.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: rewagner from CA on Jul 12, 2003


Strengths: Ease of set-up with the wizard good signal

Weaknesses: Haven't found any yet.

Summary: I was very concerned about going wireless in as much as I hadn't even used a laptop before, but I bought the IBM T-40 and the WRT54G and everything works perfectly. It was easy to install, plugged everything in and no problem. I have had it about 3 weeks.

I get a good signal all over the house, in the back yard and in the front yard.

I love it.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: pc09123 on Aug 29, 2004

Experience: 5 Weeks

Strengths: It has lightning fast reception from my laptop and works within anywhere in my home; even outdoors up to 1100 feet. What an outstanding solution to CAT5 cable.

Weaknesses: Disconnects when the cordless phone is turned on, but still not enough to downgrade because once the phone is hung up the reception returns to excellent.

Summary: I would recommend this to anyone that has a desire to upgrade to wireless and who has an appreciation towards high-speed transfere and who actually knows what they are doing. I read a lot of reviews and it proves that many people just don't read directions before buying or installing. This system will work great for you if you own a cordless phone and are able to use the phone from anywhere in your home or office. NOTE: If you have brick walls I would not consider purchasing. Most times brick walls arfe reenforced with steel rebar and it greatly reduces the output of your wireless devices.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: 588Pro from CA on Aug 15, 2003

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: Easy setup, firewalled connection, and very fast.

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: Setup was easy. I like the web base setup. As soon as I updated the firmware to v1.30.7 and set Wep settings I was surfing the internet lightning fast. My internet bandwidth is 1385.9Kbps tested on I'm also sitting downstairs and with no direct line of sight. Very pleased, after all of the horror stories I read about this product. I also have the linksys 54g wireless network card on my laptop.
Good luck and happy surfing

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: nirwen from GA on Apr 11, 2005

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: Strong signal in a 1400 sq ft apt

Weaknesses: Would not work with World of Warcraft at all

Summary: As a networking professional, I did not have any issues with the setup of this product at all. Setting up the security was no problem, and all the computers in my apartment had at least a Very Good signal. However, for you gamers out there, this router does not work with World of Warcraft. Apparently, there are issues with packets and security that this router does not allow to pass through it that WOW requires. When you log in, your characters (and all other characters in the game) are called Unknown Entity, and you cannot associate with anything. To confirm it was the router, I plugged directly into my cable modem, and did not have the problem. Nor did I have a problem when I used my old Linksys Wireless B router. It's something specific with this router. Linksys has indicated they are aware of the problem, and were supposed to release firmware to correct it back in March 2005, but that hasn't happened yet. As my whole household is gamers, I nearly had a riot on my hands until I removed the router from my network and replaced it with the old Wireless B. Guess I'll look around for another manufacturer so that my roomies will be happy.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: MrAce72 from CA on Aug 17, 2003

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: It works, after hours of headaches and torture. Fairly stable once it's up and running.

Weaknesses: Amateur tech support, only really capable of emailing out drivers. My cable modem service ISP provided a lot better tech support on the router although they don't like the MAC address issues w/ router

Summary: Look for a better router if one is out there. Otherwise, I think things are going smoothly now. If you have a static IP, you may need help from your ISP, which mine gave freely. But, be prepared for a whole bunch of questions about the validity of your physical MAC address that is being logged...

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: John_Galt from CA on Sep 5, 2003

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: You have to be kidding me! Stregths - there are non

Weaknesses: Loss of connection within 5 minutes of establishing it Poor signal strength Full signal strength no IP

Summary: Where do I begin? I am a networking professional that decided to install the WRT54G and WPC54G card within my home. I purchased the product three months ago and initially I was able to get it all working. I later realized that I kept losing my connection after a few minutes of establishing it. Frustrated with this experience, I worked with technical support to no avail and exchanged the access point / router with another one at my local BestBuy.

The same problem persisted and I slowly realized that if I reapply the config settings each time I establish a session, the reliability of my connection would increase. So to ˇ°resolveˇ± this issue I figured I would update the firmware on the router and update the driver that just got released this past July. This now complicated my situation where I get a strong single strength but can not get an IP while running DHCP. I have done all the standard trouble shooting activities such as rebooting everything and checking all my TCP/IP settings to no avail.

Onto my next issue: single strength ¨C I live in a 1300 square foot townhouse and one would think that 802.11g could handle this and provide strong single strength across for 30 feet, but this is not the case. Single strength is significantly impacted once you leave the room where the access point is located. Being completely frustrated with this experience I have tried to return the product to Best Buy ¨C well since it is past the thirty-day window they will not take it. I have talked

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: matausi from UT on Sep 9, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Strong signal

Weaknesses: Difficulties setting up

Summary: I purchased this product due to all of the positive feedback that I had read in regards to the product's useability, however I was dissappointed at the difficulties I encountered while trying to set it up with my cable modem. I called customer support, unfortunately they are located in India so it was a little difficult for me to completely understand the instructions.
I eventually got help from an IT friend of mine and he help me set up the WAP. It has been working fine thus far and I'm very happy with its strong wireless signal.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: burke031 from CT on Sep 21, 2003

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: easy to set up.

Weaknesses: very low signal strength when not in the same room as this router.

Summary: (Edited September 22nd by burke031) when using my laptop downstairs in my house with this router upstairs i could only get a low signal strength, if i even got it to connect at all. Using the Belkin 54G I can get a very good to excellent signal.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: MacEwen from NY on Mar 16, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Nice case, and it works. Price ($58 & Wal Mart). Easy setup if beleive the claims.

Weaknesses: Setup CD loaded, and ran, and said their was no internet connection on the computer. Funny since Internet Explorer could find the interenet. NO MANUAL EXCEPT ON DISC!! TECH SUPPORT IS USELESS

Summary: Tech support suggested a bad CD. Funny, since I ran the disc fine on two seperate computers (one XP, other 98SE) Both were connected to modem one at a time, and had functioning internet (Explorer)when CD setup disc was run. The "Wizzard" claimed there was no interenet connection on both PC's.

After locating the IP of router in manual, I was able to configure the router just fine. Dunno, if setup CD is bad or not, but it sure is useless.

Overall, I like the router alot (my 3rd router). I have not tested the wireless part. My friend had this router, and wireless worked well. I just needed a router at 9:30pm, and thought, "walmart's open."


Reviewed by:Reviewed by: roberteyewhy on Dec 14, 2004


Strengths: Everything now that the firmware is being made by thrid party people instead of Cisco.

Weaknesses: None

Summary: Have this router connected to a BEFSR41 and have no problems with newest firmware by HyperWRT. Use to have VPN issues with the Linksys firmware as it does not allow GRE protocal 47 to go through. Newest firmware fixed this but NOT Linksys versions. Got it for cheap from Amazon. Overall a very good wireless Router.


Reviewed by:Reviewed by: Vanderl7 from IL on Sep 18, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Good wireless range, Simple setup (you need to have some knowledge in networking), very Stable even when it feels like it is overheating

Weaknesses: Setup wizard failed to reconize my internet connection, Unfinished looking web setup interface, Minor security flaws, only includes a printed quick start guide (Full manual is on the setup cd)

Summary: I purchased this router to replace a MN-500 wireless router (it started to fail after only 6 months of use). Generally I have been pretty happy with this product. It has been running about 2 weeks straight without needing to be reset, even when the unit feels like it is overheating. I have also noticed some security flaws in the firmware. This product has a pretty good wireless range (better than the MN-500 wireless router). Even though I have noticed some faults in the recent firmware, I have been pretty happy with this product. I can't wait until the next firmware upgrade.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: fohoh from CA on Sep 8, 2004

Experience: 6 Weeks

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: Unfortunately, there was terrible range when I installed into my house. I have very little envirnomental contraints and was completely appauled to notice I could barely get 30 feet. The way the product was marketed I thought I could get much more. Very disappointed

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: Furly37 from CA on May 7, 2003

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Set up was easy for a techie, quick connection, good range, works well with other brand cards, little to no packet loss, and a great section for dynamic dns service

Weaknesses: none

Summary: I have been completely satisfied with this router. I originally had an SMC and was not happy with it's perfomance or reliability. I would recommend this router to any of my family or friends looking to set up a wireless network.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: ITDifference from CT on Mar 26, 2003

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Firmware updates doesn't restore the router to factory defaults. Great signal strenght.

Weaknesses: Updates: Need to update both Firmware and drivers for best performance.

Summary: I had the D-Link 614+ and this is much better. Router is mounted upstairs under the desk (upsidedown) and my signal strength with this router is 80 - 85 being downstairs in the opposite end of my house. I have 2 2.5GHz wireless phones (one near the router and the other where I am downstairs)and have NO problems. My signal stays strong while on the phone and I don't lose my connection.

The Linksys router (WRT54G) has givent me a 10% - 20% better signal strenght than the D-Link, even after a driver/firmware upgrade.

Connectivity to my ISP has been flawless and communication between two desktops and a laptop has been perfect. I print from my laptop to a shared printer on one of my desktops and have had NO problem.

This unit is by far MUCH better than the D-Link. With Cisco aquiring Linksys, I can only expect even better things to come.

Another point to note, my neighbor has a wireless router in there house. With the new PC Card (WPC54G) I am seeing their network with a signal strenght of 40 where before I was seeing at 32. Guess there is a difference between the two PC Cards.

Linksys Router does have WEP, SSid broadcast blocking, and MAC filtering.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: Skizzmm from CA on Mar 25, 2003

Experience: 60 Days

Strengths: Easy to set up with the CD and Wizard driven Setup. Fully compatable with XP.

Weaknesses: Not easy to setup Raw without the wizard.... Even with understanding of WEP and other Wireless features on the older Access Point I had.

Summary: Linksys PCMCIA card Model WPC11, that IS on the list of supported cards, would not work. Had to buy a new card after 2 hours on tech support with Linksys.

Other than that... I love this router.

Once I got it set up... the router and card have worked flawlessly. Although my apartment is small, I never have line of sight, and the signal is always around 90% or better, with it never once dropping me off completely.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: linksysuser from NY on Feb 20, 2004

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: I have my router downstairs on my desktop PC, and the laptop, MANY FEET away upstairs in my bedroom, currently my connection is "excellent" and i dont know where all these bad reviews are comming from

Weaknesses: Tech support.. english please? Fixed on my own, but still loose IP address everynow and then (my fault) i just click repair and i'm running at the speed of light again.

Summary: This is a great system to use, as long as your hosue isn't 300 years old with lead walls, what do you mean no signal? are we using wireless g router with wireless g? Please, its great for the money i paid for it, couldn't be happier!!

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: dopeydean1 from FL on Aug 13, 2003

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: Good Signal, diverse, good tech support

Weaknesses: not AOL Broadband compatitable with current version firmware

Summary: Once you get the equipment working with Tech support, the system works like a charm. However the PC World "Best of 2003" and all other documentation that I could find, omitts the fact that as purchased, the system is not comptiable with AOL Broadband. Only after LYNSYS Tech Support personnel (Harry was a life saver) contacted the Engineers overseas and received the corrected firmware updates and many HOURS on the phone did the system work. If you have AOL Broadband you will have to download the firmware update of 21 July 03 for the system to work

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: nsferatu from CA on Sep 11, 2003

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Very fast connection speed, easy set a dream! And it takes up a little less space than the oldschool Wireless B router it replaced...

Weaknesses: Still looking for one!

Summary: (Edited September 11th by nsferatu) Don't believe the bad hype that this router and/or Wireless G has rec'd as of recent reviews. I have decent technical knowledge of networking so it was very easy to set up without the overkill Setup CD that comes with it. Even novice users are better off without it, especially if you can find someone who can assist you. The speed and extras of this router are totally worth the little bit of extra money spent on it. As for the reviews about tech support emailing drivers? Come on...they are all on the Linksys website! I'd recommend installing the new firmware (again...located on their site) just to stay fresh with the functionality, but if you are not experience

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