Loud Speaker Hidden Video Security Camera
This new hidden loudspeaker security camera is one of the most inconspicuous concealments we offer. Youll get near undetectable video surveillance for offices, warehouses, retail outlets and more. Hidden camera is mounted inside the cone at an angle unlike other models which use a mirror for camera angle. This provides the perfect view without the inverted image of the older style. The loudspeaker is fully functional with our PC-100XP mounted in the cone. This camera offers an incredible 410 lines of resolution with 0.5 lux. Field of view is 70 degrees. Our color model uses the PC63XP offers 380 lines of resolution with 1.0 lux. Field view of 90 degrees.
  • CR-123 Li-Ion Chrgr
  • Manual Iris 50 mm Lens
  • Removeable hard drive tray
  • Blue Storm 500
  • Color Cube Camera Micro Lens
  • Audio Module
  • High Quality USB 2.0 Cables
  • Smart Choice Add-on Color Security Camera
  • Black and White Quad Processor
  • Advanced 4 CH DVR with Network and CD/RW
  • 2.4 GHz Camera Transmitter with Receiver
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