Machine Vision Camera is capable of high speed imaging
Machine Vision Camera is capable of high speed imaging.
Machine Vision Camera is capable of high speed imaging.

September 20, 2002 09:45 - Model GP-MF622 offers ? in. Interline Transfer (IT) CCD that produces 570 lines of resolution with minimum illumination of 1 lux and signal to noise ratio of 56 dB. Camera's 11 electronic shutter speeds (from 1/60th to 1/96,000th of 1 sec), can be triggered from external source. It provides shock resistance of 80 G and vibration resistance of 10 G. Features include Super Reset Shutter trigger, adjustable gain control, and 2 video ouputs.

Panasonic's Versatile GP-MF622 Machine Vision Camera Delivers Cost-Effective High Speed Imaging

Secaucus, NJ (August 23, 2002) -- Panasonic Vision Systems' GP-MF622 camera provides high-speed shutter operation ideal for a wide range of machine vision applications. The highly durable, 1/2-inch CCD B&W industrial camera combines high performance and economy to deliver the highest levels of cost-efficiency.

"Panasonic's GP-MF622 is one of the industry's best values for high-speed imaging," said Jim Roselius, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Panasonic Vision Systems. "The camera offers a host of features and shutter/trigger functions to meet a broad spectrum of high speed imaging needs at an economical price."

The Panasonic GP-MF622 features a 1/2-inch Interline Transfer (IT) CCD that produces 570 lines of resolution with a minimum illumination of only 1 lux and a signal to noise ratio of 56dB. The camera's 11 electronic shutter speeds, ranging from 1/60th to 1/96,000th of a second, can be triggered without any delay from an external source. The compact unit weighs only 86g and is ideal for a wide range of machine vision applications. Shock resistance of 80G and a vibration resistance of 10G make the GP-MF622 an excellent choice for the most demanding industrial applications.

One of the many value-added features is the camera's Super Reset Shutter trigger function to clearly and consistently capture high speed moving objects when used with an external trigger pulse. Other features include selectable frame accumulation or field accumulation scanning modes; automatic internal or external synchronization; two video outputs; adjustable gain control from 0 to 6dB; and camera mounted 75 ohm termination.

The GP-MF622 is currently available with a manufacturer's suggested list price of only $545.

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Panasonic Vision Systems is a division of Panasonic Digital Communications & Security Company and is a recognized leader in CCD cameras, digital and analog video recorders, and monitors. Applications include: machine vision, non-destructive analysis, robotics, quality control, test and measurement, printing, high speed analysis, medical, dental, microscopy, endoscopic vision, surface mount inspection, process measurement, and more.


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