Machine Vision Software simulates application without camera
Machine Vision Software simulates application without camera.
Machine Vision Software simulates application without camera.

April 25, 2002 07:38 - Tool Panel PC application software lets user configure applications for company's M40 camera from PC. User can select and click functions and enter tolerances to ready application for use. Machine vision solution can be created in 10 min. Built-in simulator lets users model applications and test image processing functions without connecting camera. Tool Panel provides brightness compensation, pattern matching, color measurements, and position compensation.

Tool Panel PC low cost Machine Vision application software

The economic Tool Panel PC new application software is now available for the M40 smart camera. The M40, a complete vision system that measures a mere 100 mm x d=30 mm and weighs only 100 gr., integrates lighting, lens, user interface and processor into a sealed aluminum enclosure. Because of Tool Panel, users can simply configure applications for the M40 from a PC through an easy to use WINDOWS GUI interface without the trouble of programming. Users can easily select and click functions and enter tolerances to ready the application for use. With practice, a new machine vision solution can be created in approximately ten minutes.

The Tool Panel PC includes a built-in simulator, so users are able to model their applications and test-out all image processing functions without connecting the Smart Camera. Tool Panel PC is available on the Internet to download for potential customers to fully test all capabilities using the embedded simulator.

With Tool Panel PC/M40, users also enjoy the ability to process rotated images and transmit classification results. Tool Panel provides for brightness compensation (with histogram algorithms), pattern matching, color measurements (based on RGB or HSI color models) and position compensation (horizontal, vertical, and rotary angles).

Suitable for use in addressing a wide variety of gauging, inspection, orientation, color inspection and recognition tasks, Tool Panel has been generating strong interest among end users and systems integrator that conduct profile analysis, automate alignment operations, confirm the presence and completeness of components or features, perform measurements, determine the orientations or position of objects. The M40 features a CMOS 1/3", color, progressive scan sensor that provides a pixel resolution of 640 (H) x 480 (V) with up to 10 bit gray scale resolution, an ANALOG DEVICES digital signal processor, 8 MBytes of SDRAM, and 2 MBytes of non-volatile flash EPROM. The M40 also offers optically isolated industrial I/O (two 24V inputs and four 150 mA outputs), and communication port.

Powered by a nominal supply voltage of 24 VDC and specifically designed for machine vision applications, the M40 supports full-frame integration/image acquisition, program- controlled and external triggering, vertical resets/restarts, and both high (down to 1/1,000,000 of a second) and low speed (up to 4 seconds with adjustable integration times) shuttering operations.

The list price for a fully packaged plug and go Tool Panel M40 system is priced as low as $1,500 which is a new break-through considering the price per performance ratio.

Vision Components is a leading developer of machine vision technology, focusing on the manufacture and distribution of intelligent cameras for industrial use.

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