Machine-Vision Camera has direct fiber-optic output

Prosilica CV640F Industrial Camera - Firewire Over Glass

CV640F ¨C 120 Frames per Second VGA Camera with Direct Fiber Optic Output

Vancouver, BC ¡ª July 14, 2004 ¡ªProsilica announces the availability of the CV640F digital machine vision camera with an IEEE-1394b-over-fiberoptic interface. The CV640F is capable of 120 frames per second over IEEE-1394b-fiberoptic with cable lengths up to 500 meters! This is remarkable because Firewire-based cameras (IEEE-1394) are normally limited to 4.5 meter cable length. Customers with applications requiring especially long cables, such as security installations, traffic monitoring, and those hazardous environment imaging will view the introduction of the CV640F as a significant event. Also, the CV640F is especially useful in robotic applications where the camera may be constantly moving because the fiber optic cable is suitable for repeated flexing without failure.

Prosilica also manufactures 1394b-fiberoptic interface components for connecting the CV640F and CV1280F fiber-output cameras to a host computer. Prosilica's PC1394B PCI card adds 1394b-fiberoptic capability directly to a host computer while another product, the FA1394B Fiber Adaptor, provides conversion of 1394b-fiberoptic to 1394a/1394b-copper for easy integration of the CV640F into any Firewire-capable computer systems including laptops.

"The CV640F is the highest performance VGA-resolution machine vision camera in the market today" said Marty Furse, CEO of Prosilica. "I am aware of no other camera that approaches the combined features of the CV640F."

Prosilica will show the CV640FC, a color version of the CV640F operating on a laptop computer at the NI Week Show in Austin, TX (August 17-19, 2004). Visitors to the show are encouraged to come by the booth to see Prosilica's camera products in action.

Prosilica Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance digital cameras based on IEEE-1394 for industrial applications.

For more information contact Prosilica at tel: 604-875-8855, by email at
Machine-Vision Camera has direct fiber-optic output.

July 21, 2004 07:33 - Digital VGA Camera, Model CV640F, is equipped with IEEE-1394b-over-fiberoptic interface. Able to transmit over cable lengths to 500 m, it operates at speeds to 120 frames per second over IEEE-1394b-fiberoptic cable, which withstands repeated flexing without failure. This makes camera suited for security installations, traffic monitoring, and hazardous environment imaging, as well as robotic applications where camera may be constantly moving.

Company Information:
Name: Prosilica Inc.
Address: 110 - 8988 Fraserton Court
City: Burnaby
State: BC
ZIP: V5J 5H8
Country: Canada
Phone: 604-875-8855

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