Marine Marketing Releases a Revolutionary Marine Alarm System C VoiceAlarm, The Only Marine Alarm System That Can't Be Ignored.

Twenty years of developing and bringing quality marine products and services to the global marketplace brought recognition to Marine Marketing that there was a complete absence of a marine security alarm system developed to meet the exclusive needs of the boating industry. Existing alarm systems sold purporting to be "marine alarm systems" were typically nothing more than a home, commercial, or car alarm. Marine Marketing recognized there was not a widespread use of these "marine alarm systems" due to high failure rates and frequent false alarms. A marine environment rendered these systems useless, or of little value or reliability.

November 7 2003--The VoiceAlarm concept was envisioned in 2001 with the initiative of developing a true marine alarm system that would address the significant faults in available systems. During 2001, 2002, and the first half of 2003 Marine Marketing, in conjunction with a sister company with over 30 years of experience in the security industry, developed and tested the product addressing each of the shortcomings of alarm systems currently available in the marine marketplace.

Development criteria of VoiceAlarm mandated that the product be; a) designed to last the life of the boat, b) that all components and circuit boards of the basic unit be manufactured in the United States to marine specifications developed by Marine Marketing, c) that all components, accessories, and options be tested for reliability and durability for one year prior to the release of the product, d) that the system have no repair part that cost more than $50.00 and the average diagnostic and repair time to be less than 30 minutes with such diagnostics being easily undertaken by the boat owner, e) that the system be virtually false alarm free, f) amperage draw on ship's batteries of less than 50ma when armed, and g) that alarm event notification would be via various methods that would assure that an alarm event would never be ignored.

In the process of the development of VoiceAlarm Marine Marketing found necessary the auxiliary development of the first Cellular AutoDialer that uses a standard Nokia or Motorola cellular phone available from virtually all cellular service providers, free, with monthly service at $19. This Cellular AutoDialer allows a boater with a VoiceAlarm system, or his designee(s) to be immediately notified, at up to 8 phone numbers anywhere in the world, that his boat has experience an alarm condition and exactly what the condition is, in his own recorded voice. This method of alarm event notification, and available notification via 1.2ghz Radio Transmitted Notification, and a 240 watt On-Board Speaker System guarantee that an alarm condition on a boat protected by VoiceAlarm cannot go ignored.

VoiceAlarm detects and notifies for events of intrusion, high bilge water, shore power failure, low ship's battery condition and more through the use of high quality, false-free, sensors. InfraRed Camera Vessel monitoring with InfraRed Cameras have the ability to transmit live video and audio from the boat to a shore side facility and/or record the video and audio on the ship's standard Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) is available as an option. These cameras provide crisp clear video in total darkness.

Since the release of VoiceAlarm in July of 2003, Marine Marketing has entered into distribution agreements with leading suppliers of marine electronics in Australia, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, and Mexico. Distributors, dealers, and boat manufacturers are daily being added to those representing VoiceAlarm. Retail sales have, by far, exceeded expectations and have been fueled by Marine Marketing's aggressive display advertising in national and regional marine publications. The magazine advertisements and internet advertising are designed to direct interested persons to the VoiceAlarm website where they will find a wealth of information to assist a boat owner in selecting his acceptable level of vessel protection from this unparalleled product line.

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