Matco/EverSecure Introduces DVR-1000WS Digital Video Web Server

The DVR-1000WS has built-in TCP/IP, ICMP, SMTP, FTP and HTTP protocol and 10/100 Base-T network interface. It accepts 2 composite video inputs. Whenever either a fixed or dynamic IP address is assigned to it, it can be accessed via the network. Any general security camera can become an IP camera. Any non-TCP/IP video device can become a remote accessible video resource. All EverSecure stand-alone 2200 series DVR systems can be controlled from a remote site when utilizing this device.

The DVR-1000WS provides alarm trigged recording, watch dog and is password protected. When an external alarm is trigged, a recorded image will automatically be e-mailed to a specified address or sent to a specified FTP site. The video throughput rate is up to 15 frames/sec (NTSC), or 12.5 frames/sec (PAL). Additional features include: Auto Network Reconnection (ANR), Intelligent Non-stop Recording function after ANR, Multi-AP screens, HTTP display (IE Browser), and record/playback can be operated simultaneously.

Overall dimensions are 7" W x 5.5"D x 1.25"H. Weight is 0.60 Lb.

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