Max Secure Spyware Detector - Secure your Corporate Network from Spies

Max Secure Software, developer and global leader in information security products varying from a broad range of security software solutions, and services designed to help individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises security announces release of new product, Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition.

Silicon Valley April 18, 2005 -- Your computer network could be under surveillance at this very moment from spies. Spyware, the newest upcoming threat to Data Security, Intellectual Property and loss of your Identity, is responsible for this. The risks from spyware and adware are increasing steadily, becoming a major challenge for IT security managers. Spyware puts enterprises at risk for decreased productivity, more helpdesk calls, loss of privacy, and potential legal liability.

Spyware is a technical name for any software that tracks the users activities without the users permission; when he is online and passes the information to a third party. These spywares come through a plethora of websites and downloads. As they come in through authorized content, firewalls fail to stop them.

Max Secure Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition has a large database of spyware, Trojans, key loggers etc., which is constantly updated in their research center providing robust spyware protection. Capabilities include real-time scanning, automatic detection and removal, and integrated tools for remediation of the side effects that spyware can have on a user's system, including changes to files, registry entries, and system load points -- all with no administrative intervention required.

The Software actively monitors against spyware and adware installations using multiple Active Shields. Active Shields detect changes to start-up processes, browser-hijackings and other Tracking Cookies. Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition scans the entire network using an extensive database of known spyware threats. With the most advanced, technically efficient spyware detection process, Our Research Center has the ability to locate spyware before an end user is infected. The Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition definition database is regularly updated for the latest protection from emerging spyware threats.

Extensive, customizable reporting features provide executive summaries, spy reports, and status updates. Administrators can create reports to provide detailed analysis of the spyware threat by workstation, group, type detected, and time.

Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition from the Max Secure family of Software products is focused in the domain of privacy and security products. Established in 1999, Max Secure Software has an office in the Silicon Valley with a development center in India.

For additional information or demo contact: Max Secure Software at: +91 98220 29895

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