Meditab Software, Inc. Releases an Upgrade to Intelligent Medical Software (IMS)

Meditab Software, Inc. has added an upgrade to its fully integrated practice management application Intelligent Medical Software. Included in the upgrade are Multi Office, Auto Check In, and Transcription functionalities.

January 26, 2005 -- The Multi Office function has been added to view and control facilities, share scheduling information, decrease scheduling errors, allow multi office reminders, and other features.

The Auto Check In function is an addition to the Check In / Check Out module that allows patients to automatically check themselves in upon arrival to the office. Patients can fill out an electronic form with demographics and complaints. The functionality of Auto Check In requires an interface device in the front office.

The Transcription function has been added to the Visit Note / EMR module for physicians that prefer to use transcription. The application can be set up to send the transcription electronically at a user defined time to a transcription service. Meditab has its own transcription services but the physician has the option to use their preferred company.

IMS Product Information
Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) is a HIPAA compliant software application for medical practices. Designed after years of research to correspond to the workflow of a doctor's office and facilitate efficient practice management, the fully integrated software is intuitive and user friendly. IMS has functional modules that are stand alone or integrated: use of the full application eliminates multiple software applications. The Prescription, Billing and Visit Note (EMR) modules are backed by extensive drug, CPT, ICD-9, and diagnosis education databases using a SQL relational database engine. When switching to IMS, data transfer from other applications is a smooth process with no compatibility issues. Additionally, IMS is integrated with Document & Note management, and user defined Report modules.

The application works with Windows? 2000, XP and the Tablet PC*. Feature rich, extensive and comprehensive, with strong input validation and voice recognition, IMS is serviced with training and software user support. IMS saves you money and time.

* A Tablet PC is required for Image Based EMR.

Company Information
Meditab Software, Inc is a Northern California based company founded in 1998 with core competencies in software development and billing services. The product line currently consists of Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS), Facility Management Software (FMS), and Meditab Billing Services. We are constantly evolving, exploring growing technologies and listening to our clients to incorporate new ideas into our applications to serve our customers better. Our mission is to deliver quality innovative software while providing outstanding customer service.
?2004 Meditab Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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