Microvideo Pinhole Camera

The Supercircuits PC-14XP B/W CCTV mini pinhole video security camera features 410 lines of resolution and an incredible low light rating of 0.2 lux. But its most amazing feature is the pinhole lens, which has an opening of less than 1/32". The PC-14XP can be mounted in baseball caps, briefcases, wall clocks, picture frames, exit signs, neck ties, and other places limited only by your imagination. All that is required for clear, sharp video is a tiny pinhole. At less than 1/2" thick and 1 3/8" square, it is small enough to mount just about anywhere, and the weight is less than one half ounce! Use it with Supercircuits' video transmitters or the Sony GVD-200 Mini-8 deck to create an excellent bodycam system. Don't let the 1/32" lens fool you. The picture quality is amazing and the word we hear most often is "WOW." If someone didn't tell you, you'd never guess the video was coming from a lens this small. The picture quality is so good and the electronic iris so accurate, that you can actually read the wattage stamp on a 75 watt light bulb while it is on! It works equally well in low light...this camera can practically see in the dark. The field of view is a wide, but undistorted 70 degrees for good coverage without having to worry about "pointing" the camera. The PC-14XP runs on 12 volts DC and output is standard monochrome NTSC video. It is compatible with all of our transmitters, or any standard VCR or monitor. It is also available in the European PAL format at additional cost. Inexpensive battery packs and power supplies are available below, as are special ABS housings.Comes with easy instructions, 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

  • 1/3" B/W Sony CCD
  • 410 lines of resolution
  • 0.2 low lux rating
  • 70 degree field of view
  • 10-13 volts DC, 175 mA
  • 1 year warranty/30 day MBG

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