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Mitsubishi Time Lapse Video Recorder


This time lapse video recorder from Mitsubishi Electronics is one of their most feature-rich products for security and surveillance applications. The HS-9960U is a 24-hour virtual real time and 960-hour high-density time lapse recorder with professional-grade recording resolution of over 400 lines. Matched perfectly with the high-quality load-bearing chassis and 4 rotary video heads, the HS-9960U also includes one button recording check, power failure protection, daylight savings auto-switcher and alarm record list. Optional remote control is available. Includes recorder, power cord and instruction manual.

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  • Professional-grade recording resolution of more than 400 lines on standard VHS tapes (color or black/white)
  • Triple density recording allowing higher level of picture frames recorded per second
  • Built-in RS-232C interface for remote operation from external computer
  • Multiple-language menu with a variety of search and playback functions
  • 31-day battery backup
  • Super-fast FF/REW speed of 120 seconds (T-120 tape)
  • Self-diagnosis for automatic problem detection
  • Automatic video-head clog detection and cleaning
  • Industry-leading 2-year warranty
  • Dimensions 16.7W x 3.7H x 12.3D in

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