Monitoring Station detects skin temperature
Monitoring Station detects skin temperature.
Monitoring Station detects skin temperature.

August 13, 2003 07:53 - ThermaSTAT? combines Omega? infrared camera with WinSoft's self-calibrating software and hardware package. Portable system non-invasively images facial area of subject in real-time and automatically self-calibrates to ensure accurate skin temperature readings. Alarm alerts operator when reading is outside pre-set value. System includes desktop stand module or optional wall mount. It is suited for airport transit points, seaport boarding areas, or building entrances.

Indigo Systems' ThermaSTAT? Skin Temperature Monitoring Station Shipping Now

July 31, 2003 - Goleta, CA - Indigo Systems Corporation announces that ThermaSTAT (formerly called ThermaSense), a temperature monitoring station for airport transit points, seaport boarding areas, borders, or building entrances, is now shipping with a new desktop stand module or optional wall mount. The Omega? infrared (IR) camera from Indigo Systems is configured with WinSoft Corporation's self-calibrating software and hardware package, to meet the market demand for an affordable, complete, and highly-accurate skin temperature monitoring system.

The entire ThermaSTAT system is portable, self-calibrating, and after initial setup, can run continuously with few or no adjustments for temperature monitoring. ThermaSTAT non-invasively images the facial area of the subject in real-time and automatically self-calibrates continuously to ensure highly accurate skin temperature readings. When a subject registers a skin temperature reading outside a pre-set value, an alarm will trigger and alert the operator of the potentially abnormal condition. Most airline carriers today have regulations in place that state they will not carry a passenger with a body temperature of 37.5 C or above on any of their flights. A feverish passenger can be identified and directed to medical personnel for additional testing, isolation, and/or treatment.

Features of the ThermaSTAT system include intuitive user interface, uncompromising image quality and high-performance thermal resolution. Indigo's Omega is the smallest(1.35" x 1.45"x 1.90") and lightest (under 120 grams) infrared camera in the world and has an uncooled VOx microbolometer sensor, 14-bit digital output with a spectral response of 7.5 to 13.5 microns.

Indigo Systems Corporation (, based in Goleta, California, is a premier developer and supplier of advanced infrared cameras and components, covering the entire infrared spectrum including near-, midwave-, and longwave-IR. Since 1996, Indigo has provided IR cameras, software, and enclosure solutions for commercial, industrial, security, military, and R&D applications.

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