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Monochrome Bullet Pinhole Camera

amazing PC-74XP2 super pinhole video security camera combines a slim inline
“lipstick” design with a tapered super pinhole lens, making a covert package
that is very easy to conceal. High resolution 251,904 pixel CCD provides sharp
380 lines of resolution and super stealthy .1 lux low light ability. This camera
can practically see in the dark! Operation is simple. Just power up the PC-74XP2
and plug it into any standard VCR, monitor or Supercircuits wireless video
transmitter. Exposure and gain control are set automatically by the camera for
trouble free performance. Comes with plug and play cables and swivel mounting
bracket. Power requirement is 9-13 volts DC at 110 milliamps.

<@u>*<@l>*380 lines of resolution 1 low lux rating <@l>*9-13 volts DC, 110 mA 1 year warranty, 30 day MBG

<@font t size="1" color="#80808>* Variable Voltage 1200mA Regulated Desk Top Adaptor<@l>*<@l>* Home Stars 7" Widescreen TFT Portable TV. Click 7" Widescreen TFT<@l>*<@l>*<@l>*<@l>*<@l>*<@l>*<@l>*<@l>*<@l>*

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