Monochrome C-Mount Proof Video Camera

This B/W CCTV outdoor C Mount video security camera gives you the flexibility of C-mount lenses in a tough, compact, economical package. The aluminum housing is threaded and o-ring sealed for easy access to the lens. PC-106C gives you 410 lines of resolution and a stealthy 0.05 lux low light rating. Size is 1.57" in diameter by 2.55" deep. Runs on 12 volts DC and draws 250 milliamps.

  • 410 lines of resolution
  • 0.05 low lux rating
  • 1.57" x 2.55"
  • 12 volts DC, 250 mA
  • Comes complete with 6mm lens
  • 1 year warrenty/30 day MBG

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